Certificate in Advanced Data Science

Certificate in Advanced Data Science

Live Online Format

Gain hands-on experience deploying data products that integrate the latest advances in data engineering, visualization, machine learning, and ethical AI.

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Georgetown’s Advanced Data Science Certificate equips data science practitioners with the technical and leadership skills required to deploy data products that integrate the latest advances in data engineering, visualization, machine learning, and ethical AI. Using a unique format that combines lectures, workshops, and seminars, the certificate provides opportunities for you to engage with topics critical to your work while connecting with and learning from seasoned scholars, industry experts, and peers. Designed with a rapidly changing and evolving technical landscape in mind, the certificate is ideal for professional data scientists who want to keep their skills current and enhance their managerial and leadership techniques.

As a student, you'll be able to participate across a variety of offerings, choosing the elements that best integrate with your interests or career path. Each course features a mixture of lectures and workshops. During lectures, you’ll be exposed to the latest developments in visualization, AI, and data science leadership, with demos across topics ranging from machine creativity to facial recognition to cloud-hosted databases. Workshops offer unique opportunities for you to gain hands-on experience working with cutting-edge tools and techniques such as deep learning, data visualization, big data governance, and data science team-building. Finally, seminars are your chance to hear critical and timely topics from experts covering areas like the dangers of AI, the impacts and outlooks of recent innovations in predictive medicine, machine translation, autonomous vehicles, and more.

  • Ideal for

    Data science practitioners who want to keep their skills current

  • Duration

    6 months to 2 years

  • Tuition


  • Format

    Live Online

  • Enrollment

    Friday evenings & Saturdays

  • Semester of Entry

    Fall, spring, summer

What Is Live Online Learning?

Georgetown faculty deliver exceptional educational experiences based on a human-centered approach that integrates the needs of professional learners and the possibilities of technology. Live online classes are kept small to support interactive engaged learning and collaboration.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, you‘ll be able to:

  • Adopt and advocate for a principled and ethical approach to machine learning workflows
  • Organize and manage machine learning projects and teams
  • Collect, maintain, and govern data using cutting-edge and community-test software
  • Engage in engineering best practices to implement high quality and safe data products
  • Tune, interpret, and evaluate predictive models
  • Design repeatable and transparent experiments on data using advanced statistical methods
  • Compose and communicate narratives to illustrate the value and impact of insights derived from data
  • Distill data into rich, interactive, and responsible visual representations

Georgetown is a proud partner of District Data Labs, a data science research institute, data product incubator, and open source collaborative founded by two of our faculty members.