Advanced Data Science

Curriculum & Schedule

18 Nov 12-1pm ET
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Our classes are taught online in real-time by Georgetown instructors using Zoom video conferencing. They are designed to provide our professional learners with a high-quality, engaging educational experience. For more information, please contact Program Support at

To successfully complete the certificate you must take 7.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or a total of 72 contact hours. Courses are open enrollment and you may take courses and seminars in any order you wish. All 7.2 CEUs must be completed within a two-year period.

Courses and seminars in the certificate are organized into four tracks so that professional learners can align their studies with their career goals. For the best possible certificate experience, we recommend balancing your course selection, keeping tracks in mind. The four tracks, along with a recommended balance of CEUs is as follows:

  1. Data Engineering (0.9 CEUs recommended)
  2. Visual Analytics (0.9 CEUs recommended)
  3. Data Science and Machine Learning (1.2 CEUs recommended)
  4. Ethics and Leadership (0.6 CEUs recommended)

Each course is between 0.6 and 1.8 CEUs depending on the number of contact hours and seminars are all 0.3 CEUs. Practically speaking, this balance of CEUs means one class each in Data Engineering, Visual Analytics, and Ethics and Leadership, two in Data Science, one additional elective course and two seminars.

Program Prerequisites

This program is for data science practitioners and leaders who meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed data science and machine learning coursework such as Georgetown’s Certificate in Data Science or college or graduate level coursework
  • Are familiar with software programming in either Python or R
  • Can bring a laptop with administrative privileges for courses and workshops

Course Schedule

Course Name Semester and Section
Elective Course Courses  Fall 2021
Machine Translation & Neural Language Models
Elective Course Fall 2021
Image Classification and Object Detection
Elective Course Fall 2021
Creating Value from Survey Data
Elective Course Fall 2021
Why, What, & Where: Organizational Strategy for Effective Data Teams
Elective Course Fall 2021
How: Product Management & Infrastructure for Effective Teams
Elective Course Fall 2021
Who: Building Effective Data Teams
Elective Course Fall 2021
Ethical and Responsible AI