Master's in Strategic Digital Transformation

Student Profile

10 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Strategic Digital Transformation Webinar  

As a student in the Strategic Digital Transformation program, you’ll join other early- and mid-career technology or management professionals looking to lead technology change in their organizations.

Note the ‘or’ in that sentence. Our program develops both sides of the person, the analog and digital, because that’s the best way to empathetically and effectively guide change in an organization. On the technology side we welcome and accept software developers, devops engineers, cloud specialists, AI developers, IoT architects, IT managers and support specialists, systems engineers, web developers and designers, UX designers, network administrators, system analysts, database administrators, and the like. Those from the management side can include program managers, project coordinators, team leads, digital marketing coordinators, social media coordinators, and anyone with an interest in technology’s impact on people.

For students with no experience, a relevant bachelor’s degree or coursework in computer science, information technology, business administration, project management, or public administration is also acceptable.