Online Master's in Strategic Digital Transformation

Fully Accredited Program

Become an agent of change within your organization, able to lead digital transformation across teams and divisions.

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10 Jun 12-1pm ET
Master's in Strategic Digital Transformation Webinar  

Here’s a scenario that didn’t exist 15 years ago: You use an app to order a rideshare to a friend’s house, where there will be snacks they ordered from a grocery store app, and the movie you’ll be watching will be streamed bypassing cable. A decade ago, most of these conveniences were fictional. Then someone disrupted these markets by harnessing digital technology and transforming business models to make them a reality.

Georgetown University’s Online Master of Professional Studies in Strategic Digital Transformation prepares you to create, work, and live in this reality. You’ll learn and apply the digital strategy skills needed to shepherd major digital transformation in an organization, large or small, public or private, while adhering to a change management process and executing a strategic communications plan.

  • Number of Credits


  • Work Outside of Each Class

    6-9 hours per week

  • Total Tuition


  • Enrollment

    Full-time or part-time

  • Time to Complete

    2–5 years

  • Semester of Entry

    Fall, spring, summer

By highlighting employees and consumers, our program explores the human and technological sides of change management. Georgetown’s Jesuit values guide and inform our curriculum, with particular emphasis placed on ethical innovation, accessibility, and diversity and inclusion.

Ideal for working professionals, our strategic digital transformation program is designed to fit your schedule, with online digital strategy classes that allow you to earn your degree without interrupting your career.

By the end of the program, you’ll be ready to build a start-up, steer an established organization, or transition a workforce. And because it’s entirely online, you'll have the hands-on experience to create the digital business future you imagined.

*Tuition rates for each term are published annually, typically in February. Total tuition listed here reflects Fall semester of entry.