Master's in Technology Management

Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management program educates students to be ethical stewards of technology. Graduates will gain leadership skills and business acumen that will enable them to champion technological innovation in their organizations.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the MPS in Technology Management, you will:

  • Understand and make connections between applied ethics and areas such as technology, business management, and law
  • Learn methods of gathering, analyzing, and prioritizing business requirements with a focus on the ease of use for IT staff and end users alike
  • Learn theories and practical techniques related to acquiring, accounting for, and allocating an organization's financial assets as it relates to technology
  • Obtain a mastery of the broad field of technology management through a wide range of courses
  • Develop professional competencies in the discipline through a curriculum that demonstrates leadership, management, and strategy
  • Apply a balanced mix of theory and real-world practical knowledge in the discipline of technology management