International Executive Master's in Emergency & Disaster Management

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University EMPS in Emergency & Disaster Management program prepares students for leadership positions in emergency management through experiential learning, which focuses on critical thinking, decision-making, and ethical leadership.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the Executive MPS in Emergency & Disaster Management, you will:

  • Demonstrate advanced competency through theoretical and field exercises assessed in five content-based courses.
  • Identify and understand fundamental local, state, federal, and international rules and regulations so that you can respond ethically and legally to emergencies and disasters.
  • Analyze and reflect upon local, state, federal, and international responses to emergencies and disasters so that you can formulate informed, well-reasoned and professional recommendations for both preventive measures and future responses to such situations.
  • Prepare response plans for multiple types of emergencies and disasters and adapt those plans to respond quickly, ethically and effectively to changing situations.
  • Make critical decisions in times of extreme pressure and quickly changing variables.
  • Identify and educate appropriate constituents and concerned parties (the public, supervisors, team members, colleagues, private sector, military, and other officials) through communications plans targeted to their specific needs.
  • Create, coordinate, and implement an immediate and effective emergency management response plan that responds to a crisis. In short, transcend traditional thinking and become a leader in the profession of disaster management