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Intensive Professional English

The Intensive Professional English program offers opportunities to refine your English skills for the workplace and develop your knowledge of American business culture and public policy practices. Designed for international professionals, the program explores the fields of business and policy administration while emphasizing the critical  leadership and networking skills you need for success.

As a student in the fall semester program, you’ll learn the principles of American business practices and have opportunities to network and interact with native English speakers in professional settings. You’ll also analyze case studies, develop business plans, and explore topics such as microfinance, negotiation, and business ethics.

As a student in the spring semester program, you’ll learn the principles of organizational behavior, public policy, and nonprofit administration, with a focus on leadership and community engagement. You’ll engage in independent field work involving the nonprofit sector and have opportunities to visit government agencies at the local, state, and federal level. 

You can enroll in either the fall or spring semester programs, or choose to enroll for both semesters. Courses provided each semester are designed to develop your reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presentation skills, as well as to instill greater self-confidence so you can continue to advance in your chosen field.

Ideal for
University graduates with advanced English skills



Visa Support

Semester of Entry
Fall & spring

16 weeks; full time M-F

This section has testimonials from current students and alumni.

  • Headshot of Evilázio Teixeira, Brazil

    There are many remarkable points about my experience: first, the quality of the professors–their knowledge, experience, kindness, and always open to support and help the students; second, the academic environment of the University; third, the international experience; and last but not least, the friendships made with fellow students.”

    Evilázio Teixeira, Brazil Intensive Professional English
  • Headshot of Raina, South Korea

    The most valuable thing that I've gained from the program is confidence. With the confidence and positive energy that I got in the program, I have more opportunities in my life.”

    Raina, South Korea Intensive Professional English

As a  participant in the program, you will:

  • Develop an advanced level of English proficiency for professional purposes
  • Develop extensive practice in professional reading and writing
  • Conduct supervised field experience in which you use your English skills outside the classroom
  • Participate in organized cultural activities
  • Experience a vibrant university community


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