Georgetown SCS International Students

Visas & Immigration Documents for ELC Students

Congratulations on your admission to Georgetown ELC!

The following process describes the steps for students requesting an I-20 Form from Georgetown ELC to apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad, transfer their F-1 visa from a U.S. institution to Georgetown ELC, or change visa status within the United States.

  1. Receive your letter of admission

  2. Submit your enrollment form

    Indicate that you will be attending Georgetown ELC for your admitted semester by following the link in your letter of admission.

  3. Create Your International Student Portal

    You will receive an automated email containing a link to the International Student Portal within one week after you submit your enrollment form confirming your attendance. The link will be sent to your Georgetown email.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to access the International Student Portal and upload documents, please review our International Student Portal instructions.

    If you have not receive an email invitation to the Portal and do not know the reason, please contact us directly at to request it.

  4. Upload documents to the International Student Portal

    The following sections are found within the International Student Portal:

    1. Applicant Information Form: Please download and complete the Applicant Information Form then upload to the Portal. Responses must be typed.

    2. Passport: Students requesting immigration documents from Georgetown ELC must upload a copy of the biographical page of their passport. Passports must be valid for minimum 6 months into the future on the date you enter the United States and at all times throughout your stay.
    3. Financial Documents:Students requesting an I-20 Form from Georgetown ELC must upload financial documentation to support their studies. Financial documentation must be dated no earlier than six months in advance of submission. Total funds documented must equal or exceed the total estimated expenses. Please view the Estimated Expenses for your estimated program costs. The amounts listed are for immigration purposes only: to issue your Form I-20 and help prepare your financial documentation needed to obtain a student visa. These expenses are estimated for the first academic year of study (9 months) and represent tuition and fees, books, health insurance, and minimum living expenses. Note that these figures may not reflect actual financial costs. The only official accounting of program costs is found on the Office of Financial Services website: Students are responsible for consulting this website to confirm the published estimated cost of attendance for their program.
      The following sources of funding are accepted:
      • Personal Funds
        Documentation required: A bank statement or bank letter in English and on official bank letterhead indicating the type of account, the current balance, and type of currency. Current balance must appear in numeric figures. The student’s name must appear on the bank document. Sample letter from bank.
      • Family Funds
        1. Documentation required: A letter of support in English signed and dated by a family member who intends to provide for your expenses. The letter must indicate in U.S. dollars the amount of funds to be provided, the duration of the support, and the individual’s relationship to you.


        2. A bank statement or bank letter in English and on official bank letterhead indicating the type of account, the current balance, and type of currency. Current balance must appear in numeric figures. The name of the family member providing support must appear on the bank document.
      • Sponsoring Organization Funds
        Documentation required: A letter in English from a sponsoring organization that indicates the amount of funds to be provided and the duration of the award. 
      • Georgetown University Funds
        Documentation required: If you have been awarded funding from Georgetown, submit a copy of the award letter.
      • Loan Funds
        Documentation required: Please provide a copy of the approval letter indicating the amount of the loan.

    4. SEVIS Transfer Documents (transfer students ONLY): Students currently in F-1 status at other institutions in the U.S. who wish to transfer their status to SCS must upload additional transfer documents.

      F-1 students are eligible to transfer their SEVIS record for 60 days following the end date on the Form I-20. 

      All SEVIS transfer must be complete one week before your program start date.

      Submit the following additional documents by the deadline:

      • Copy of most recent F-1 visa
      • Copy of most recent I-94
      • Copy of all I-20s previously issued
      • Georgetown ELC Transfer-In Form

      Georgetown will not accept SEVIS records in completed or terminated status.

    5. F-2 Dependent Documents: Students who plan to bring a spouse and/or child/children with them to the United States in F-2 or J-2 dependent status need to submit documentation for this requirement. To request a Form I-20 or for your dependent to apply for the F-2 visa and accompany you in F-2 status, must upload the following documents to the portal:

      Students who bring dependents must present evidence of funds to support those dependents in addition to the student’s individual estimated expenses. Please review the Proof of Funding requirements above for more details.

      F-2 dependents have different requirements, restrictions, and benefits from the primary F-1 visa holder. For more information, please visit our Partners and Families page.

  5. Register with eShipGlobal

    In order to receive your I-20 form, you must register with eShipGlobal. Once you create an account, please create a shipping request to “Receive a Package from Universities”. Select Georgetown University English Language Center. Use “12345” as your student ID. To avoid delays in the shipping of your immigration documentation, please register with eShipGlobal immediately after uploading your documents to the International Student Portal, and pay for your shipment.

  6. Wait for your immigration documentation

    It will take 2–3 weeks for your immigration documentation to arrive. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your document has been mailed.

  7. Verify I-20 information

    Once you receive your I-20 form, please check the document to make sure the information is correct. Carefully review the enclosed cover letter and follow the visa application instructions if you are required to obtain a visa.

    Please keep in mind that admission to Georgetown ELC does not guarantee the conferral of a visa. The visa application is a separate required process completed after receipt of the I-20. If you are not able to complete this process and arrive to Georgetown by the program start date on your immigration document, you must defer enrollment until the following semester by contacting your admissions advisor.

  8. Review incoming student resources

    Visit our Resources for International Students page and review the SCS Housing and Neighborhood Guide, which includes temporary housing and hotel options.