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Public Safety
Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies (SCS) takes seriously the safety and well being of all members of our community. We work closely with the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) and the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), our building landlord's security team and our own campus security team to ensure a safe learning, teaching and working environment at 640 Massachusetts Ave NW.
Security systems at SCS’s 640 Mass Ave campus include: electronic building access control, surveillance cameras, panic alarms, internal classroom phone systems, fire control systems and a campus loudspeaker system. All of the security systems are monitored 24 hours a day by SCS’s and the building’s security teams.
Please familiarize yourself with the following public safety protocols, resources and services as a member of the Georgetown SCS community.
Emergency Assistance at SCS-640 Mass Ave: (202) 907-3061
Security Desk at SCS-640 Mass Ave: (202) 784-7375
University Weather Hotline: (202) 687-7669
Please also report all incidents to:
Sissel Malmbekk, Executive Director of Operations
E-mail: smm248@georgetown.edu
Phone: (202) 687-2287
The daily crime log at SCS is maintained at the entrance of the building on 640 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Documented incidents within the last sixty days are available for public viewing upon request.

SCS Security Escorts

SCS Security Escorts are available by contacting the SCS Security Desk on Level 1 or by calling 202-784-7375. This service is made available to SCS students, faculty, and staff to facilitate safe access to the neighborhood Metro stations and parking garages/lots from 7:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Monday - Friday evenings.

Sign-Up for Safety Alerts
Sign up for Georgetown University’s HOYAlert to receive important emergency information via text message, non-GU voicemail and/or non-GU email. Select “School of Continuing Studies (SCS)" as your primary campus and select "640 Massachusetts Avenue NW” as your primary location.
Alert DC
Sign up for Alert DC to receive important emergency information via text message, email and/or phone for select neighborhoods. For the area around 640 Mass Ave, select the following communities/neighborhoods: Chinatown, Mount Vernon Square and Penn Quarter.
Register Your Bike
Registering your bike can help police identify and recover it in the event that it is lost or stolen. Because many bikes look alike, identifying your bike with its serial number is the best way to protect your property. It’s been recommended by law enforcement to use U-shaped bike locks. This type of lock is the most effective lock to protect your bike.
Metro Transit Police’s bike registration program is quick, easy and free. Click here to register your bike. 
Lost & Found
SCS Lost and Found is located at the reception desk in the main lobby on Level 1 at 640 Mass Ave. Lost items are collected and logged daily and will be held until the owner is properly identified.
To contact the SCS Lost and Found, please visit in-person or call (202) 687-7723.
Emergency Evacuation & Shelter in Place Instructions
An Evacuation and Shelter in Place overview is in all classrooms and conference rooms, at all emergency exits, and in all staff office areas at 640 Mass Ave. The Evacuation and Shelter in Place notice includes the following information:
  • When to evacuate
  • What to do if you must evacuate
  • When to shelter in place
  • How you will be notified
Click here to read or download the Emergency Evacuation and Shelter in Place Instructions for 640 Mass Ave.
Evacuation Maps & Emergency Stairwells
Evacuation maps with suggested routes are posted in all classrooms and conference rooms, at all emergency exits, and in all staff office areas at 640 Mass Ave. There are two (2) emergency stairwells available to use during an evacuation. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the locations of these stairwells to help you prepare in the event of an emergency. It is NOT recommended you use the atrium staircase during an evacuation, as exits may be blocked when the building’s fire curtain is lowered in the event of a fire. DO NOT use the elevator during an evacuation.
Instructions for Persons with Disabilities
SCS student and faculty members with disabilities are identified by program staff and given a card with emergency evacuation information. If you have a disability and have not received this card, please visit the reception desk in the main lobby on Level 1 or call (202) 687-7723.
In the event of an evacuation, persons with physical disabilities that prevent them from exiting the building with others should proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait there to be evacuated by a member of SCS’s Building Marshal Team or the D.C. Fire & EMS Department. If possible, ask another person to accompany you to the stairwell. Ask him or her to immediately inform a building marshal, security officer and/or other emergency responder of their exact location (i.e. floor, stairwell number, etc.) once he or she has evacuated.
Inclement Weather Policy
SCS will always follow the university’s Main Campus determinations on campus closings, class cancellations and late openings due to inclement weather, giving primary consideration to the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors. Determinations are communicated via HOYAlert, email, phone and the university’s website.
SCS may make its own additional determinations on closure under special circumstances unique to our 640 Mass Ave location. Criteria that may be considered in making such determinations include: condition of area roads and ability of faculty, staff, students, and visitors to get to campus; status and schedules of public transportation; and forecast of coming weather.
Click here to view the university’s current operating status.
Best Practices for Commuting
All members of the Georgetown SCS community should use their best judgment when commuting in the city. Here are a few tips you should adopt to be proactive about your personal safety:
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times; do not distract yourself by texting or talking on your cell phone
  • Walk in groups of three or more persons to Metro stations or parking lots/garages
  • Do not use earbuds or headphones when walking, which can distract you from drivers and other pedestrians
  • Secure your bags, purses and electronic devices; ensure all compartments on your bags are zipped or closed and hold your bags and other belongings close and tight to your body
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