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Academic Forms for Students in SCS


Academic Standing Certification - Students should contact the Registrar's Office with requests to certify enrollment and student status. Students who need a letter (for employers or graduate/professional programs) noting specifically that they are in good academic standing should fill out this form and submit it to the SCS Office for Academic Affairs & Compliance at least two weeks prior to the date needed by the requester.   


Capstone Release Form - A program may request to share a student Capstone project with others (including, but not limited to, other students, faculty, staff, and outside industry experts) or to publish the Capstone or parts thereof digitally or through other means. This release form provides the program, School, and University with permission for these purposes.


Course Waiver Request (MPS Only) – With written permission from their program Associate Dean and the SCS Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance, MPS graduate students may be waived from some selected courses required within that major or within a concentration.  Students are required to supply documentation of their proficiency in that course (such as a writing portfolio to request a waiver of the "Fundamentals of Reporting and News Writing" Journalism requirement) during their first semester of study to the program Associate Dean for review.  Some programs do not waive any course requirements.  Please note:  Students do not receive grades or credit for waived courses; rather, this process allows them to take an elective in place of a waived course.  This process also allows our office to update the student's record in DegreeWorks.  MPS degree-specific requirements and courses (Ethics in the Profession; Capstone; maximum number of graduate-level credits; minimum 3.000 cumulative GPA) cannot be waived under any circumstances.


Declaration of Concentration Form - A concentration is a cohesive collection of four or more courses (12 credits minimum; some programs may require more credits for a concentration) within an academic program that focuses on a specific content area. Some majors do not offer or require concentrations. Please refer to the Graduate Professional Studies Student Handbook for additional requirements and available concentrations within your major.


Internship Agreement - Students participating in an internship for SCS credit must submit this form and receive signed approval from both their program and their internship supervisor.

International students in F-1 or J-1 status are required to receive work/training authorization through SCS-ISSS prior to participating in any paid or unpaid internship opportunities. Please inquire with Anka Dadarlat at about eligibility and time frame.


Leave of Absence - Students should complete this form to (a) request a Leave of Absence and (b) request to return from a Leave of Absence. All students in degree programs are required to request a formal Leave of Absence (LOA) for any fall/spring semester during which they will not be able to attend. Only EMPS students must request a LOA for the summer term. However, students on a LOA must request a return prior to any semester in which they hope to resume classes (including summer).  Students who do not enroll in fall or spring and who do not receive a formal LOA will be withdrawn for failure to register and be subject to re-enrollment and re-admission policies.  Students who request a LOA during a semester during which they will be concurrently withdrawn from classes will be subject to the registration, payment, and refund deadlines and policies for that semester.  All enrollment periods and cessations (including Leaves of Absence and Withdrawn for Failure to Register) are recorded on the transcript.


Privacy Waiver Form – Students are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a federal law that limits the information about a student shared with parties (including family members and spouses) other than that student. To waive this right, the student should complete this form and submit it to the appropriate office within the School of Continuing Studies.


Program Modality Change Request Form - Students who wish to change the modality of their coursework (i.e., on-campus to online or vice versa) may submit this form to their program for approval. As some policies affect on-campus and online students differently, please be sure to carefully read these new conditions listed on the form before completing and signing. Students should note that they may only change their primary modality two times. Once this change has been made twice, no additional changes may be made. 


Re-Enrollment Request Form & Essay (after prior attendance) - This form should only be completed by students who have withdrawn from their programs or who have been withdrawn for failure to register in a prior semester.  Students are withdrawn for failure to register if they (a) do not register in a fall/spring semester without applying for an official LOA (includes summer semester for EMPS students) or (b) do not resume their studies immediately after a LOA (or do not extend their LOA).  All withdrawn students must request a re-enrollment evaluation.  These requests will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve and space-available basis.  Due to limited seating availability, even students in good academic standing may not be permitted re-enrollment in their requested semester of return. Students should complete and submit the Re-Enrollment form & one page essay to the Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes in the semester for which the student is requesting a return.

Withdrawn students will be subject to additional layers of review by Academic Affairs & Compliance and/or their program's standards committees under the following conditions:  (1) They have not been enrolled in their program for two calendar years (six consecutive semesters); (2) they were on academic probation (cumulative GPA under 2.00 for undergraduate students, under 3.00 for graduate students); (3) they were suspended or terminated from the School and University due to a violation of the Honor Code or Student Conduct Code; (4) they were academically terminated or dismissed from the School; (5) they will not be able to complete their degree within the time limit for that degree which is set during their first semester of registration.  Prior acceptance into a program does not guarantee that a return will be appropriate, advisable, or allowable.

Any student returning after any absence during which they studied at another institution without receiving prior written permission through Academic Affairs & Compliance must re-apply formally through the SCS Office of Admissions as a transfer student.

**Please note:  Re-Enrollment applies only to students who have completed courses in degree-seeking status.  Students who have deferred their enrollment - whether officially in writing or unofficially through failure to register - are required to re-apply after the maximum time period for deferral has elapsed.


Transfer Credit Request Form – Credits cannot have been applied to a previous certificate or degree. Requests should be submitted during the student's first semester of study. Completed forms and transcripts should be submitted to the School of Continuing Studies Academic Affairs Office. With approval of both their program Associate Dean and the Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Compliance, MPS students in HRM, IMC, JO, PRCC, RE, SIM, and TM can count up to 6 credits and UPR students can count up to 9 credits of graduate coursework completed with grades of "B" (3.00) or better at another accredited institution. Students in EDM and GSC are not permitted any transfer credit to be applied toward their Executive MPS degree. 


Withdrawal from a Course (Add/Drop) – After the official add/drop period has ended, students can withdraw from a course only by submitting a course withdrawal request via MyAccess.  From spring 2014 onward, students will:

1. Log in to
2. Go to schedule options
3. Select the current semester
4. Select the "withdraw" option next to the course you intend to be withdrawn from
5. Select "submit"

Your time-stamped request will be automatically sent to your advisor's que for withdrawal approval and/or follow-up advising (as for student loan or visa reasons).  Please contact the Registrar's Office (202-687-4020) or your advisor for any questions about this process.

Refunds, if applicable, are based upon the date the form is submitted by the student to the Registrar.  The School strictly adheres to the deadlines and policies of the University described under "Tuition, Fees, and Refunds" described at are not authorized or recommended after these deadlines have passed.  All refund requests are handled through the Office of Student Accounts.  Additional "Refund Information" can be found on their website at

If a student wishes to withdraw from both (a) their course(s) and (b) their program, they should contact their advisor by email *AFTER* withdrawing in MyAccess from their course(s).



Academic Affairs & Compliance Office
Georgetown University
School of Continuing Studies
640 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-687-8700     Fax: 202-784-7235

Last updated: 8/22/16

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