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One of Georgetown’s initiatives is to provide students with the opportunity to make learning work with their busy lives. To fulfill this goal, Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies offers programs in a variety of flexible formats: full-time and part-time enrollment, evening and weekend courses, and most recently, online learning options.

SCS is in the process of rolling out online formats in several programs, with the anticipation of eventually offering an online option for most programs. As a program moves online, its courses will be developed in a virtual format over time, with more courses added each semester. In most cases, two new online courses will be developed each semester. While not all of a program’s elective courses can be offered in the online format, all required courses to complete the degree should be available online within two years of launch.

SCS’s online courses provide the same academic content as its on-campus courses—they award the same number of credits, meet the same learning objectives, and cover the same kinds of material—the primary difference is that they’re offered in a convenient virtual setting. Some online courses are asynchronous—allowing for a more flexible time frame for students to listen to lectures, complete their readings, and turn in assignments. Others include synchronous sessions, where all students log in at the same time to participate in the lecture.

  • On Campus: On-campus formats are designed for students in the D.C. metro area who prefer learning in a classroom setting and on a consistent schedule. Classes are held on campus at the same times every week, giving students an opportunity for in-person interaction with faculty and peers in a classroom environment.
  • Online: The online format is designed for students who prefer learning in a flexible online community and/or for those not located in the D.C. metro area. In this format, students can often listen to lectures and complete assignments on their own schedules from anywhere in the world, with all faculty and peer interaction occurring in a virtual setting.

For those interested in taking online courses who are seeking a Georgetown-sponsored Visa, VA benefits, or Georgetown-sponsored health insurance, please consult our Online Advising Guidelines. Students may select one of the above formats or choose to enroll in a combination of both on-campus and online courses. Current students who are interested in switching between the online and on-campus formats of their program should contact their program staff for more information.

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