HRM Students Volunteer at DC Central Kitchen—and Pick up Some Culinary Tips

HRM Students Volunteer at DC Central Kitchen—and Pick up Some Culinary Tips

Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management

Become a Meaningful Human Resources Management Business Partner

Human resources management is undergoing tremendous change in the 21st century – moving from a job function that has been mostly transactional and disconnected from core business issues to a vital function that is essential for helping organizations transform business goals and key objectives.

Global volatility, ethical scrutiny, corporate sustainability, emerging web-based technologies and the need for organizations to measure and access the value of human capital activities are just some of the new business challenges. Today’s human resources management practitioners must also:

  • Be global business partners as well as HR innovators, including fluency in finance, economics and various lines of business.
  • Utilize human capital management strategies, including the use of databases, statistical models and analytical skills that help drive key business objectives.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion management as a tool for innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Develop specialized skills as more general practices (payroll and benefits, for example) become automated or outsourced. At Georgetown University, we provide concentrations in Strategic Human Capital Management, Diversity and Inclusion Management and International Human Resources Management.
  • Meet the critical needs of the business. The Human Resources Management program at the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies is designed to develop passionate global HR leaders with the specialized skills that today’s businesses and organizations need most.

Moving Your HR Career in the Right Direction

Learn more about the Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management program.

"Joining the Human Resources Management program will increase your knowledge of HR and allow you to think critically about the business challenges and opportunities found in the field."

- Chris Ortiz (’11)


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