Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Taking on the World: Georgetown’s Liberal Studies Prepares Students for the Future by Exploring the Past

Taking on the World: Georgetown’s Liberal Studies Prepares Students for the Future by Exploring the Past

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Earn a Life-Changing Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Degree

Students of the Georgetown University Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program embark on a challenging journey to broaden their knowledge on topics both familiar and foreign, strengthen their critical analysis, sharpen their writing and acutely develop insightful views of the past, present and future – on a local, national and international scale.

Our part-time program for working adults follows a classical educational approach: developing lifelong learners and taking students on an educational trek through the rich context of human history, knowledge exploration and the pursuit of deeper meaning. Along the way, our students apply the tools and skills they need to lead more rewarding lives.

If you are looking to make education a priority in your life without having to give up your life, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Georgetown University may be right for you.

“The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program has changed me from a degree seeker to a knowledge seeker. I’m not only working towards the ultimate goal of a Georgetown University degree, I’m actually excited to learn – for the first time in my life.”

-Allena von Sternberg (’13)

A Flexible Degree Completion Program for Busy Adults

Chances are you’ve been meaning to complete your bachelor’s degree. But life, work and other obligations got in the way.

Good news. You are not alone. Your time to return to college is now. Earn a prestigious Georgetown University Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree through our accessible and flexible program to help you balance work and life.

With classes held in the evenings and on Saturdays, our program is specifically designed for professionals and busy adults in the Washington Metropolitan Area:

  • Working adults and students with children, coming to Georgetown University with one or two years of college credits from other colleges and universities.
  • Transfer students from the Washington area’s community colleges. The program accepts up to 64 credits from accredited institutions (contact one of our advisors for credit transfer information). 
  • Qualified military veterans who want to continue their educations through the GI Bill or the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • Federal workers, Capitol Hill workers and other Washington, D.C., professionals who need undergraduate degrees – while continuing to work – to advance further in their careers.

What to Expect on the Road to a Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, part of the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies, is about much more than knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Whatever career path you are on, this multidisciplinary program will help you develop the vision and skills you need to lead a more rewarding life:

  • Knowledge: Gain a broader, more diverse perspective on the world in all its complexity, including how we got where we are today and the intertwined and often unpredictable forces that drive the course of human events through history.
  • Tools: Develop a practical set of tools that will serve you in the long term: in your career, your personal life and in making a meaning for yourself in the world.
  • Skills: Apply imagination, critical thinking, sound reasoning, moral discernment and persuasive communications skills – all traits of excellent leaders – to influence your community and the world.
  • Values: Ground yourself in the Jesuit values and ethics of Georgetown University: learn to appreciate the importance of reflection, creativity, knowledge of self, action for others, social justice and seeing the good in all things.

Educational Benefits

It’s the perfect part-time program for completing your degree with minimum impact on your work schedule and other weekday commitments. In addition to evening and Saturday class offerings, students benefit from:

  • Rigorous coursework, from a world-class university, that builds a foundation of life-enriching knowledge.
  • A choice faculty of Georgetown University scholars and experts dedicated to the Liberal Studies program and its students, including availability for late-night study sessions and course help.
  • Highly personal enrollment and course advisement – from day one – to ensure that students clearly connect educational goals with professional and personal goals.
  • Transitional educational resources to help new students sharpen their writing, logic, rhetoric and analytical skills.
  • Join a diverse group of students and alumni, providing a wealth of unique perspectives, insights and networking connections.
  • International study opportunities.

“I think people have to be better prepared. There’s so much competition today that you’ve got to know what you’re doing.”

-J. Willard Marriott

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