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Student Advising and Resources

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program is rooted in the belief that academic advising is a critical support mechanism for all students, and program faculty and staff put a strong emphasis on establishing a rapport with each and every student. From the moment students apply to the program, they will receive assistance to help them in achieving their academic goals. Offerings include:

  • Assistance with transferring credits from other schools
  • Orientation services for new students
  • Course selection and class registration guidance
  • Boot camps to improve writing and research skills
  • Coaching and seminars to improve study skills
  • Classroom tutoring
  • Career transition assistance
  • Long-term academic planning

These services and resources are designed to help students — both academically and personally — make the transitions necessary to complete their degree at Georgetown University.

“The personable and friendly administrative staff really encouraged me to go to Georgetown University. They were warm, outgoing and willing to work with me. I wasn’t just a number. They knew exactly who I was and what I needed in my education.”

-Earle Douglass (’12)

Working Together Towards Academic Growth

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program will find that their lives are not only enriched cognitively, but they have a deeper understanding of social and emotional competence, better cultural awareness, identified strengths and weaknesses, and the benefit of learning from distinguished leaders in the Washington, D.C., area. This evolution – involving academic growth, personal development and positive change – establishes a lifetime foundation for success and well-being.

To thrive in our program, you also must be an engaged and committed participant in your academic journey. The resources will be there at your fingertips, but you must actively use them. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions, explore unfamiliar opportunities and make new friends. Become a proactive member of our student community.

Above all, you should be the most tireless advocate in your own pursuit of an undergraduate degree. Accordingly, make wise choices that will support your decision to be a Georgetown University student. Learn to carefully balance time commitments and the various roles in your life, and you will undoubtedly create a memorable experience that you will reflect on fondly for years to come.

Student Advising:

Trey Sullivan
Program Director

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