Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The Student Experience

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program brings together a community of passionate and diverse students, faculty, and alumni who are personally invested in one another’s success. Students come from across the United States and around the world, bringing with them a wealth of unique perspectives and experiences.

Whether students have previous college experience or are looking to start their bachelor’s degree for the first time, the program offers an enriching educational experience and a supportive learning environment that fosters curiosity, intellect, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The program’s flexible format is specifically designed for professionals and busy adults in the Washington Metropolitan Area:

  • Working adults and students with children, coming to Georgetown University with one or two years of college credits from other colleges and universities.
  • Transfer students from the Washington area’s community colleges. The program accepts up to 64 credits from accredited institutions (please contact a program advisor for credit transfer information).
  • Qualified military veterans who want to continue their education through the GI Bill or the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • Federal workers, Capitol Hill workers, and other Washington, D.C., professionals seeking to earn a higher education degree—while continuing to work—in order to advance further in their career.

A Collection of Undergraduate Theses

Although a thesis paper is not required to complete the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, some of our students opt to create papers on a topic within their curricular concentration. Visit the Liberal Studies Undergraduate Theses portal to view some of the past work of our students.

Stay Connected

Society of Liberal Studies

The Society of Liberal Studies represents and pursues the highest standards of academic, service, and social achievement for the students of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program. Through mentorship, community and social events, and advocacy, SOLS is dedicated to creating opportunities for BALS students to connect with faculty and staff, other students, and alumni—from all over Georgetown University. For more information and current events, please visit the SOLS Facebook page.

Facebook Group Page

Join the BALS Facebook Page to stay up-to-date on program news and events.

Georgetown University Campus Life
Georgetown University campus life is rich in student organizations, activities, plays, concerts and sporting events – all provided an added dimension to your experience as a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies student.

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