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Using Google Apps
Registered students receive a Georgetown Google Apps account, which includes a Georgetown University email address, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Your university email address is

Login to your Georgetown Google Apps account with your Georgetown NetID and password at More information about Georgetown Google Apps is available at

Please note: After logging into your Google Apps account, you are strongly encouraged to set up mail forwarding to your primary email address. All official communications from Georgetown University are sent to students' university email accounts. Students are responsible for monitoring all communications sent to their university email accounts.

Using Blackboard
Most on-campus CCPE and ITL courses use Blackboard to share class resources and course announcements. Students gain access to the online classroom four to eight hours after registration provided the instructor has made the course available in Blackboard.

To access Blackboard, visit and log in with your Georgetown NetID and password. 

Using Canvas
Students enrolled in online courses will use Canvas. Online courses are asynchronous, meaning that students do not need to meet online at a specific time each week, however, students will be held to all assignment due dates as listed in the course syllabus. Access to Canvas will be granted after registration.

To access Canvas, visit and log in with your Georgetown NetID and password.

MySCS Non-Credit Student Portal
MySCS is the Non-Credit Student web portal that enables CCPE and ITL students to register for courses and make schedule changes, view unofficial transcripts, check final grades, and manage student profile information.

Courses completed prior to Fall 2009 are not accessible via MySCS. Students who enrolled in CCPE or ITL courses prior to Fall 2009 may request an official Georgetown University transcript of their coursework through the University Registrar Office

Georgetown NetID Password Reset Instructions
If you have forgotten or do not have your Georgetown NetID password, visit the University Information Services (UIS) 24/7 IT Helpdesk website to reset it. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the UIS 24/7 IT Helpdesk website before calling or emailing. 

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