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Visitor Policy and Minor Registration

The Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies has an obligation to students, faculty, and staff to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as an institution of higher education. To ensure safety and to preserve the academic environment of the School, SCS has established the following Visitor Policy. Accompanying the visitor policy is a Minor Registration Form, which must be filled out to bring minors into the SCS facility.

Access to the SCS facility for students, faculty, staff and associates is facilitated by the following method:

Georgetown GoCards:  Students, faculty, and staff with University-issued identification have access to the SCS campus through the turn-styles located at the front entrance by the security desk as well as other entrance points to the facility.

Access levels and hours vary depending on affiliation with the School.

Access to the SCS facility for guests and visitors is facilitated by the following methods:

Non-Credit ID cards:  Students enrolled in non-credit programs through the Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) that span certain extended periods of time are issued non-credit ID cards for the duration of their program.

Valid Government-Issued Photo ID:  Guest speakers, event participants, and other guests MUST present valid government-issued photo ID at the security desk. Lack of a valid government-issued photo ID will prohibit access to the campus.

Access for guests and visitors is limited to regular business hours. Guests and visitors must have a specific academic purpose for visiting the SCS campus.

If an individual forgets his or her GoCard or non-credit ID card, valid government-issued photo ID MUST be presented. Lack of any such ID card will prohibit access to the facility.

Policy guidelines for guests or visitors:

Non-registered students, guests, and visitors are required to sign in at the security desk and provide a legitimate purpose for visiting the campus. Legitimate purposes include pre-arranged visits with SCS admissions advisors; meetings with program administrators or faculty; registration for an event or open house; or other purposes linked to the mission of the School. Without a legitimate purpose, guests and visitors will not be allowed entrance to the facility. This includes non-registered students, guests, friends, spouses or children accompanying faculty, guest lecturers, or students.

Individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from accessing the SCS facility.

Exceptions to this policy require a written request for approval from the Associate Dean of Operations.

  • If permission is granted, the non-registered students, guests, or children must be accompanied at all times. All operational regulations and safety guidelines apply. Regular and routine visits are not permitted in order to ensure safety and productivity in the School.
  • In special circumstances, children may be allowed access to the premises, but they require supervision and must be accompanied and never left unattended in the facility. SCS staff are not responsible for unaccompanied minors and all operational regulations and safety guidelines apply.*

The conduct of a guest or visitor shall not interfere with the educational process or learning environment. Guests and visitors to the School are expected to abide by all operational regulations and guidelines, including safety and access restrictions. The School reserves the right to remove or restrict guests and visitors from its facilities who violate guidelines or who cause disruptions to programs, activities, services, and/or classes, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the School.

Presence in the classrooms is restricted to enrolled students or visitors with a legitimate academic purpose. Faculty and instructors are responsible for ensuring that individuals who attend their class are properly enrolled or have been invited for the purpose of making special announcements, guest lecturing, or other authorized reasons. Permission for non-registered students, guests and visitors to attend classes must be requested in writing by program administrators and/or faculty in advance of arrival. Such requests shall be submitted to the SCS Security Desk. Faculty and instructors are also responsible for alerting School administrators and the security desk when unauthorized individuals attend their classes.

*Staff members are allowed to bring guests or children into the facility as long as it does not interrupt regular SCS activity. Children must be supervised and not left unattended at any time. Staff members are responsible for their children or guests at all times while on campus and are responsible for the behavior of their children or guest(s). Regular and routine visits are not permitted in order to ensure safety and productivity in the workplace.

Any member of the Georgetown community who believes someone has received unauthorized access to the SCS facility should contact the security desk at 202.784.7375 or the Georgetown University Police Department at 202.687.4343.

Minor Registration Form

Please note: you must fill out this form to bring minors into the SCS facility.