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Real Estate Development

Developers are the great generalists and leaders of the real estate profession. Real estate development is an executive and coordinating task involving the integration of many real estate, financial, environmental, and allied professions and disciplines. It is a highly competitive specialty, which offers the highest levels of challenge, risk, and reward. The Real Estate program’s focus on both real estate management and real estate transactions offers particular advantages for those seeking careers in real estate development, which requires both skill sets.

Global Real Estate

Traditionally, real estate has been the most localized of industries. However, as illustrated by the real estate financial crisis—which has brought the international financial system to its knees—real estate is globalizing rapidly.

More positively, in a normal economy, changing patterns of inbound and outbound real estate investment serve to diversify risk and open investors to new opportunities, and generally spread knowledge of significant real estate advances around the world.

Given that the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area is the leading locus of international real estate investment in the world, Georgetown’s program places special emphasis on the globalization of real estate and offers unparalleled courses examining real estate practices in major regions of the world.

Real Estate Finance

Real estate finance offers a wide variety of career opportunities, particularly as the economy improves. But even the distressed real estate of a recessionary economy creates some interesting niche positions.

Georgetown’s Real Estate program features an exceptionally rich real estate finance curriculum, covering the full spectrum of real estate financial topics, including real estate economics, both private and public sector real estate finance, capital markets, valuation, taxation, real estate economics, corporate real estate, entrepreneurship, distressed real estate, and bankruptcy.

Construction Management

During the upturns in the real estate cycle, construction management can be a particularly dynamic discipline—especially in a rapidly growing real estate market like Washington, D.C.

The Real Estate program integrates construction education with general real estate education in order to ensure that graduates are well-rounded and have a deep understanding across all areas of real estate, as well as how each of these areas fits into the bigger picture of the real estate industry. In an era where environmental and energy concerns are more prevalent and require greater cooperation between real estate and construction professionals to address those concerns, this in-depth understanding is more critical than ever.

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