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Master's Program Overview

Prepare for the Unexpected Challenges of Tomorrow

Keeping today’s rapidly growing—and changing—world safe demands greater levels of planning, preparation, and expertise in order to meet unexpected and increasingly complex challenges to public health and safety.

Featuring a flexible, hands-on curriculum, Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Emergency & Disaster Management (EDM) arms students with the contemporary communications, critical thinking, science, and technology skills they need to become effective leaders and exceptional practitioners in the evolving field of emergency management.

Designed for entry- and mid-level professionals looking to enter into or advance within the emergency management profession, the program prepares students with the critical skills and hands-on experience needed to take action before and after disaster strikes. Throughout the program, students master strategies to successfully manage threats ranging from natural hazards, health pandemics, and industrial crises to wartime atrocities and acts of terrorism. A cornerstone of the curriculum is that students also develop a strong foundation in current emergency management standards, methodologies, and expectations related to government and industry.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Crisis Leaders

Flexible Schedule. Students can take classes online, on campus, or through a combination of both; students also have the options to enroll in the program on either a part-time or full-time basis.

Practical Application. Using case studies and real-world challenges, courses emphasize the specific knowledge and skills that emergency management professionals need to effectively plan for, mitigate, and respond to public crises of all shapes and sizes.

Hands-On Component. Students gain firsthand experience in the field through an internship, an externship, or a service learning project.

Networking Opportunities. The program incorporates guest speakers, off-site trips, and professional events, providing students with access to industry leaders and seasoned practitioners.

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