Institute for Transformational Leadership

Leadership and Community

As both practitioners and educators, the Institute’s faculty is dedicated to making continuous updates and adaptations in light of emerging trends in human development, leadership, and the leadership coaching practice.

A Community of Leadership Connections

Institute participants and certificate program graduates have many opportunities to nourish and grow with others in the Institute’s international community of thought leaders and practice leaders:

  • Research on transformational leadership
  • Faculty and graduate-book launch events
  • Dialogue Circles or Learning Spheres focused on special interests (structured similarly to Learning Circles)
  • Local and regional reunion events and conferences
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Social media connections via LinkedIn and Twitter

Leadership Within the Institute

Industry Advisory Panel

The Industry Advisory Panel consists of senior leaders from organizations with demonstrable commitment and success with transformation leadership development. The Industry Advisory Panel advises and supports the Institute's work, ensuring programming and direction benefit organizations, communities, and leaders.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council guides the development of educational programs and opportunities at the Institute. Representative faculty members serve on the Council and are responsible for ensuring the quality of courses, as well as guiding faculty recruitment and development.

Graduate Network

Our certificate program graduates, dedicated to lifelong learning, are highly motivated to stay connected and continue as leaders and leadership coaches. Many represent well-known organizations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Ferrer-Rocher, Gallup, Harvard University, IMF/World Bank, Johnson & Johnson, M&M Mars, MITRE, SRA, Time Life Inc., University of Virginia, Viacom and many others.

Community Within the Institute

Graduate Conferences

The Institute’s community and its desire to stay connected in meeting the challenges of leadership is evident each year in sold-out conferences hosted by the Georgetown University Center for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE). Our conferences capture a wide audience of consultants, coaches, chief learning officers, chief diversity and talent development officers, senior human resources professionals, senior executives and others interested in emerging leadership approaches for the 21st century. 


Programs that convene thought leaders across disciplines on topics related to coaching, leadership, organizational development and global change in the context of leadership. Symposia sponsorships are also available.

Leadership Retreats

The Institute designs and supports faculty, certificate program graduates, and leaders by bringing cohorts, teams and groups out of day-to-day environments for extended experiential learning. Retreats are designed for organizations and leadership teams upon request.

Values in Action Programs

The Institute features collaborative partnerships with other public or private organizations working for positive social change at the local, national or international level. If your organization is interested in exploring a partnership, contact us at


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