Institute for Transformational Leadership

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The Institute: A Community of Leadership

  • A place where leaders come together to collaborate, develop courses, conduct research, participate in learning conversations and experience being part of a dynamic learning community.
  • A catalyst for transformational personal growth and development of students, faculty and in the communities we serve.
  • A hub for learning – a collection and exchange point for ideas about transformative coaching and leadership.
  • An incubator of innovative theories, practices and experiences that galvanize positive change in the world.
  • A force multiplier, creating nodes of new actions that in turn create more nodes of new actions.
  • A network, a generative web of connection that inspires and supports changes in human relationships, sense of self and relationship with nature.
  • A community of passionate people who are committed to learning, practicing and doing, individually and collectively.


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Jun 8 - Jun 9, 2017 Copley Formal Lounge, Georgetown University Main Campus 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Details

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