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Message from the Director

Dear Leaders and Leadership Coaches,

We are pleased to invite you into an expanded community of learning, research and education - the Institute for Transformational Leadership (ITL) at Georgetown University.

The Institute for Transformational Leadership is a hub of conversation, research and education vital for addressing 21st century leadership challenges. We are dedicated to teaching people how to lead change that makes a difference – and grow in the process. We invite our community to engage in the practice of lifelong learning, to discover how even the most difficult challenges of their organizations and lives can provide rich opportunities to practice leadership, experience change and growth, and make meaningful contributions in service to the needs of others.  

Transformation begins within - within each person, each team, each organization and each community. We live and lead in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. Yet even as we work in this modern context, the process of learning how to be a credible and effective leader, one who conveys authenticity, integrity, competence and vision for the future, remains an inner game – a deeply personal exploration that can yield astonishing dividends for the leadership coach, the leader and the organization.  

The Holistic Approach to Mastering Leadership and Leadership Coaching

As we expand offerings and experiences through the Institute, our founding principles of leadership and leadership coaching excellence will remain:

The mastery of leadership and leadership coaching must address the whole person, including mind, body and spirit. Each of these is a source of wisdom. Each enriches the other.

Each human being is a wellspring of innate intelligence from which deep qualities such as presence, wisdom, common sense, resiliency and peace of mind can emerge. Through the Institute of Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University, we help leaders and leadership coaches to see and respect the same wholeness in those whose lives they impact.

Coaches and leaders act as connectors. In fact, coaches and leaders model the spirit of connection in who they are and what they do. Through our Institute, they become model connectors in their own organizations and spheres of influence. We help coaches and leaders explore and revitalize their relationship with themselves, as well as the connections with others in their organizations.

Deep listening is key to effective coaching and great leadership. We consider leaders to be both observers as well as influential actors in organizational life. One of the most powerful outcomes of our coaching approach is a leader's enhanced capacity to intentionally cultivate new perspectives to better inform their judgments and take effective action.

Leadership and leadership coaching are both art and craft. In coaching leaders, we work extensively in the domain of conversation – a critical leadership skill. This means learning the art and craft of creating conversations that are authentic, courageous, powerful, compelling and clear – whether seeking tactical or strategic actions.

Contextual factors play a huge role in leadership effectiveness. Each of us lives and works within the context of our own personal biographies, the society we live in and the organizations within which we work. Those and many other contextual factors reflect a system of dynamic variables that play a major role in accelerating or defeating a leader's ability to learn, grow and be influential. Effective coaches, too, must understand and appreciate the interplay of complex systems in order to work effectively with leaders.

Become a Powerful Force for Change

Together, these are the critical hallmarks of leadership and leadership coaching mastery. Combined, these are powerful forces for change – not only for the Institute's program participants, but also for the many lives that our community members touch and change as leaders and leadership coaches.

Welcome to the Institute for Transformational Leadership. We hope you will consider joining us as you traverse the path of your own leadership journey through life. We invite you to participate and become one of our leadership ambassadors worldwide, making a difference by being even more of who you already are. Join us!

With warm regards,

Katherine Ebner
Institute for Transformational Leadership

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