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Why the Institute?

What Is Transformational Leadership?

Transformation is distinct from change. Unlike change, when transformation happens, there is no going back. Transformation brings the past to fruition and makes sense of it. Transformation connects us with the privilege and responsibility of the present moment.

Transformational leaders bring authentic presence, integrity, vision, compassion, expertise and commitment to a higher purpose that awakens others to new possibilities and outcomes. Transformational leaders move people from a finite and limited view or identity into a larger understanding of who they are as individuals, groups and organizations. Transformational leaders grow and expand as human beings even as they lead extraordinary outcomes for their communities and organizations.

The first step in becoming a transformational leader is to experience your own transformation as a leader and as a human being. Begin your journey at ITL.

“Through my leadership coaching classmates, my clients and my new co-workers, I have, for the first time ever, seen the reality of who I can be and what I can offer when I'm truly authentic in every capacity of my life – not just my personal life.”

- Cara Byrne (Cohort 32)

We are the people we’ve been waiting for

When we think of transformational leaders, great faces come to mind:  Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Ang San Suu Kyi, to name a few.  Yet each and every one of us has the potential to change the world.  Whether you are an organizational leader, an elected official, an educator or scholar, a volunteer, an entrepreneur or the head of a family, your leadership can make an extraordinary and lasting difference.

Discover your greatness and put it in service to others

At the Institute for Transformational Leadership, we invite you to participate in learning experiences that open your eyes to the possibilities -- in even the most challenging situations.  We help you rediscover and connect with your strengths and gifts so that you really can make the difference you care about in your organization and community.  As a participant in our programs, you will learn about yourself even as you learn about the world.

Explore bold ideas in a community of practice

Our programs blend proven and cutting edge leadership and coaching models with rich, highly interactive classroom experiences and well designed practicum opportunities that ensure that you are learning from your own experiences even as you explore new ideas in the classroom.  We connect the life of the mind with real life.  At the Institute, you will encounter new ideas and learn how to lead and coach from your highest potential.

Connect the dots through interdisciplinary learning

The Institute for Transformational Leadership brings together many academic and professional areas of expertise – including the fields of adult development, organizational development, sociology, somatics, behavioral sciences and linguistics – to prepare leaders and coaches for holistic systems leadership.

Prepare yourself for 21st century leadership

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, providing an exciting and challenge new context for working, leading and coaching leaders.  Through the Institute, you will learn the skills, perspectives and cultural context to be effective in any industry or country.  Our philosophy is rooted in universal principles of leadership and the values of Georgetown University that honor the whole person in service to the world.

"My experience has been personally transformational and has helped me make some significant connections in several areas of my life that felt disconnected and unrelated before the program."

-   Clark Backus (Cohort 26)

What Certification Programs Are Offered by the Institute?

The Institute for Transformational Leadership provides certificate programs for leaders and coaches at all levels:

  • Leadership development courses for executives who wish to experience personal and transformational leadership growth as heads of businesses and organizations.
  • Advanced and entry-level certified training programs for leadership coaching professionals. The Institute is accredited by theInternational Coach Federation (ICF) for participants seeking to obtain or enhance their proficiencies as ICF Professional Certified Coaches.  Established in 2002, Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching Certificate program is the first university-based coaching program in the world and the first leadership coaching program.

Would you like to take your leadership and your organization to the next level?

The Institute for Transformational Leadership provides a wealth of options for leaders who want to grow personally and professionally.  Our programs are designed for leaders at every age and career stage.  Our offerings present powerful learning whether you are a corporate executive, a public sector leader, a mid-career manager or an entrepreneur.  Choose from workshops or signature courses that provide “cohort-style” learning in a community of peers.  Attend a conversation with a pre-eminent thought leader.  Request a custom leadership program for your own organization.

Interested in becoming a leadership coach?

More than 1,000 professionals have successfully completed the Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certificate Program since 2000.  Leadership coaches provide invaluable support to organizational leaders when they bring an understanding of organizations and leadership as well as mastery of the coaching process.  Ushering in a new era of leadership coaching, the Institute's programs are designed for:

  • Accomplished organizational leaders and executives who want to learn how to become transformational leaders in their organizations and take their leadership and organizations to the next level.
  • Current leadership coaches and others seeking certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and mastery of the distinctions of coaching leaders in organizations.
  • Established leadership coaches seeking advanced education and qualifications to achieve certification from the ICF.
  • Experienced human resource managers, performance management professionals and others in related fields who seek to expand their portfolios of leadership coaching skills.
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