Master of Professional Studies in Project Management

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Georgetown’s Project Management program emphasizes the keys to effective and efficient project management through a combination of focused coursework and practical, hands-on projects. Students gain valuable industry insights from a faculty of leading practitioners while building their skills and networks through interactive live cases, client engagements, and industry events. 

Master's Degree in Project Management (MPS)


Featuring a combination of specialized coursework and practical application, this program prepares participants to add value to their organizations and become successful project managers and leaders.


Bachelor's degree and 2+ years of professional experience

Credits to Graduate



Full-time and part-time options

Program Format

On campus, online, or through a combination of both


Fall, Spring, or Summer


Average 1-3 years

Degree Requirements

To earn the MPS in Project Management, students must successfully complete all 10, three-credit program courses (30 credits total), including two Core courses (Ethics and Capstone, 6 credits), five Foundation courses (15 credits), and three elective courses (9 credits).

Students must earn a grade of “B” or better in both Ethics and Capstone, and students must maintain a minimum, cumulative grade point average of 3.00 (“B” average) to graduate from the program.

Program Formats

  • On Campus: The on-campus format for the master's in Project Management program is designed for students in the D.C. metro area who prefer learning in a classroom setting and on a consistent schedule. Classes are held on campus at the same times every week, giving students an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with faculty and peers in a classroom environment.
  • Online: The online format for the master's in Project Management program is the same as the on-campus format, only it is designed for students who prefer learning in a flexible online community and/or are not located in the D.C. metro area. In this online format, students can listen to lectures and complete assignments on their own schedules from select states across the country, with all faculty and peer interaction occurring in a virtual setting.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will understand how to effectively build and manage a team, minimize costs, control scope, and incorporate research insights into the planning and management process.

Project Management Leadership and Management Business Acumen Expertise
  • Develop proficiencies in project management
  • Demonstrate the use of industry standard tools and techniques
  • Validate scope definition/management and analyze projects where scope is mismanaged
  • Understand relationships among scheduling, planning, and prioritization of projects
  • Differentiate between project management and project leadership
  • Develop the communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills needed to lead high-performance teams
  • Establish an individual code of ethics to navigate corporate structures and relationships
  • Communication with key stakeholders
  • Define the concept of risk, the risk management process, and how they relate to planned activities
  • Demonstrate the importance of project management in various business strategies
  • Operate effectively within project governance and oversight structures
  • Understand the association between strategic plans and projects
  • Conduct audits of projects to analyze areas of improvement and efficiency for future planning
  • Gain firsthand insights from a faculty of industry leaders
  • Demonstrate real-world application of skills through client-based Capstone

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