Master of Professional Studies in Applied Intelligence


To earn the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Intelligence, students must successfully complete 11, three-credit courses (33 credits total). This includes two core courses, Ethics and Capstone, as well as foundation, concentration, and elective coursework.

Core Courses (6 Credits)

MPAI 500: Ethics for Applied Intelligence
MPAI 900: Capstone

Foundation Courses (12 Credits)

MPAI 600: Introduction to Applied Intelligence
MPAI 610: Psychology of Applied Intelligence
MPAI 620: Applied Intelligence Communications
MPAI 630: Understanding Intelligence Collection

Concentration Courses (12 Credits)

Choose 4 Courses

Concentration: Homeland Security
MPAI 745: Introduction to Homeland Security
MPAI 750: Information Security
MPAI 755: Risk Management
MPAI 760: Unconventional Threats & Counterterrorism
MPAI 765: Homeland Securities Technology

Concentration: Competitive Business Intelligence
MPAI 725: Legal Issues in Business Intelligence
MPAI 730: Competitive Intelligence Organizational Design
MPAI 735: Global Competitive Intelligence
MPAI 740: Information Science for Competitive Intelligence

Concentration: Law Enforcement Intelligence
MPAI 700: Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations
MPAI 705: Counterterrorism and Intelligence
MPAI 710: Intelligence Analysis of Organized Crime
MPAI 715: Issues in Criminal Justice
MPAI 720: Electronic Intelligence Analysis

Elective Courses (3-15 Credits)

Students must complete four courses within their preferred concentration track, as well as an additional 3-credit elective course. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue a broader area of interest on a generalist track, in which they would complete five 3-credit elective courses.

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