Doctor of Liberal Studies

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Grounded in Values & Ethics

Doctor of Liberal Studies Graduates

The Doctor of Liberal Studies (DLS) program provides students with a comprehensive understanding across various disciplines. Georgetown’s program was the first doctorate in Liberal Studies in the United States, and the first non-traditional doctorate at Georgetown University.

Built on a foundation of ethics and values, this interdisciplinary program draws from various subject areas to provide students with the skills they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. Rather than pursuing research in a single discipline to create new knowledge, students learn how to synthesize their existing knowledge in new and innovative ways, examining the intersections of multiple disciplines and the effect they have on modern-day society.

Throughout the program, students engage in reading, reflection, writing, and discussion, providing ample opportunities for them to interact with and learn from their peers and faculty members. 

The Georgetown Difference

  • Inspiring Faculty. Georgetown’s prestigious faculty members and professors will serve not only as students’ advisors, but also as their mentors and advocates.
  • Research and Scholarship. Georgetown boasts one of the largest and most in-depth collections of research and scholarly work to guide students as they develop their theses.
  • Flexible Format. Courses are held in the evenings and on weekends to enable students to continue to grow personally and professionally in other commitments outside of the program.
  • Close-Knit Cohort. The small size of the doctoral program ensures that students will learn and grow alongside a cohort of like-minded peers—essential to the success of a doctoral candidate.

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