Doctor of Liberal Studies


Doctor of Liberal Studies degree candidates must earn 36 credits of coursework, pass both the written and oral sections of the comprehensive examinations, and successfully complete and defend a doctoral thesis, to earn the Doctor of Liberal Studies degree.

Foundation Courses
During the first four regular semesters in the program, students are required to complete, in sequence, the four Seminar Foundational courses. These courses are specifically designed to develop students’ understanding and mastery of interdisciplinary approaches to academic research, argumentation, values reflection, and oral and written communication.

Qualifying Exam
At the conclusion of the coursework, doctoral candidates sit for both an oral and a written qualifying exam to demonstrate proficiency in the areas required to progress to the final thesis defense.

DLS students pursue a range of topics in their theses, and many have seen their research published as books. Past thesis topics have included research around globalization, war, peace, religion, politics, and major events of human history.

Study Abroad Opportunity for Georgetown Liberal Studies Students

The Liberal Studies Program is pleased to announce the following Study Abroad opportunity for students in the BALS, MALS, and DLS degree programs as well as for Liberal Studies alumni. An interdisciplinary Study Tour to Italy, focused on the Italian Renaissance, will offer students the opportunity to study the origins, development, and influence of one of the major cultural transformations in Western civilization, while examining first-hand some of the most important and enduring creations in the fields of art architecture and simultaneously gaining an in-depth understanding of the social, political, economic, and religious dynamics of change that surrounded them.

With permission of the student’s Associate Dean the study tour may be taken as a 3-credit course* in fulfillment of either undergraduate or graduate degree requirements.

The Study Tour is open as well to participants who are not seeking academic credit, but who want to gain a more in-depth and personally rewarding perspective than the average tourist. For detailed information Itinerary, Syllabus, Costs and Conditions, and Registration Forms, please contact the Graduate Liberal Studies program.

*This program is not affiliated with Georgetown University’s Villa le Balze programs of study.

**The Renaissance Company is independently owned and operated by Dr. Ambrosio and Ms. Warin and is not affiliated with Georgetown University.

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