Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies Curriculum

Individualized Curriculum

The interdisciplinary nature of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies curriculum enables you to explore a wide breadth of subject areas without committing to a narrow concentration path. Working closely with an advisor, you will have the flexibility to design your own program, tailoring your studies to align with your interests and aspirations. Select from diverse focus areas that span centuries, geographic locations, cultures, philosophies, religions, political contexts, and more.

Potential subject areas include:

  • American Democracy
  • American Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Classical Civilizations
  • Ethics
  • European Studies
  • Humanities
  • Individualized Studies
  • International Affairs
  • Islamic Relations
  • Literature
  • Medieval Studies
  • Muslim Relations
  • Professions
  • Public Policy
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Policy
  • Society
  • Visual Culture

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