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Academic Policies

Student/Faculty Publishing Opportunity

The Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs publishes annually Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies. Faculty, current students, and alumni may submit materials for publication consideration. For further information on this publication and guidelines for submission you may email

University Services

GOCards - Student Identification Cards
It is necessary for all students to have photo student IDs (GOCard) for library use and access to the campus buildings and labs. GOCards are issued by the GOCard Office located at the entrance of Darnall Hall. GOCard office hours are M-F, 9 AM-5 PM. Call ahead to confirm the hours, (202) 687-2700.

Writing Center: Write Better Right Now
We are pleased to announce that The Writing Center is located on the second floor of Lauinger Library 217A and open Sunday - Thursday, 10 am - 8 pm. By going to the Writing Center website at: you will be able to register for appointments, check out our hours, and even see who our graduate student tutors are. We have several graduate students tutors from the Georgetown English Department who have been specifically recruited to work with the School of Continuing Studies programs, and have received special training in working with adult non-traditional students. Please feel free to seek tutoring from any of the graduate students. They have been trained to serve a number of different needs from helping generate paper ideas, to understanding an assignment, working with a draft, or interpreting a professor's comments on your work. Please be in touch with Professor Kathryn Temple, Writing Services Coordinator for Continuing Studies, at for further information on the Writing Services or browse their website at

All official student transcripts are generated by the Office of the Registrar. A student may request a copy of his/her transcript in person or by writing the Registrar, G-01, White-Gravenor, (202) 687-4020. A one-time transcript fee of $12 is charged to each new student's account upon acceptance to the Graduate Liberal Studies degree program. Degree candidates receive a letter in their Orientation packet that informs them about MyAccess, a computer program that allows students to register online, view their student address, class schedule, grades, billing statement, and other personal data via the World Wide Web. Each student is assigned and must activate as directed a Net ID. Students are periodically emailed information by the Registrar on the use of Student Access and its services.

Office of International Programs
Applicants who are non-U.S.citizens must request, complete, and submit the International Student Immigration Form to the Office of International Programs. OIP offices are located on the 2nd Fl. Car Barn at 3520 Prospect Street, NW, Suite 210. For further information, call 202-687-5867.

Student Accounts
Student billing and student accounts management are handled by Student Accounts, located on the ground floor of White-Gravenor, (202) 687-7100 or 7111. Tuition adjustments are made by the Registrar, and Student Accounts processes the refunds. When a credit balance is due, it can be refunded only after it appears on the Student Account ledger. Application for a refund check must be made in writing to the Office of Student Accounts or the student may leave the refund as a credit balance in his/her student account.

Student Financial Aid
Graduate Liberal Studies students may secure information on loans and other financial assistance by visiting the Office of Financial Aid located in Room G-l9, Healy Building.  Students may also access information about scholarship opportunities provided by outside interest groups.  Students are responsible for the implication dropping or failing a course may have on their loan status

The University Bookstore is located on the main floor of the Leavey Center. The main line is (202) 687-7482. Always call and confirm the hours when planning to go to the Bookstore.

Lauinger Library
The main campus library is located on the corner of 37th and Prospect Street. Call (202) 687-7500 to verify the daily schedule. You must have your GO Card bar-coded at the Library BEFORE you check out books or use its research services. Carry your GOCard with you when you go to the Library as you must show it to enter the Library as well.

Center for Minority Education Affairs
The Center for Minority Education Affairs provides academic support and helps students liaison with all university resources (including financial aid). Our partnership with the Academic Resource Center provides further academic support: tutoring in all subjects. and time management and study skill workshops (at no charge to students).

Contact CMEA at 687-4054
Also find us on the web through Georgetown's homepage.

For students, guests, prospective students coming to campus during the daytime (before 5:00 PM) please note: A limited number of daily "visitor" parking spaces are available in the Southwest Garage for a flat rate of $15/day and this garage may be reached by entering the campus from Canal Rd. Parking in the Southwest Quadrangle is available for Liberal Studies students after 5:00 PM weekdays. Show your student GO Card and pay $3.00. There is no parking charge in the lot on Saturday and Sunday.Check the website for the Office of Transportation Management for any changes at

Computer Usage Services
The University's Academic Computer Services operates computer laboratories for student use. Labs that are most convenient for Graduate Liberal Studies students to use are located in the Reiss Science Building in room 238 and in the Intercultural Center, room 100 for BALS students and room 218 for MALS & DLS students. In case of "over-flow" usage in these locations, students may be directed to labs that are set up in the LXR, Harbin, and Village C residence halls.

Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel Services
Students who are eligible to receive veterans educational benefits through the Veterans Administration may contact the Veterans' Affairs Coordinator in the Registrar's Office, (202) 687-4020 for Veterans education benefits, and enrollment certification/information.  For Information on Yellow Ribbon Benefits, contact Scott Heath, 202-687-7515.

Student Center
The Leavey Center provides students several places for dining: Cosi, Starbucks, Fast Break (fast-food), The Faculty Club (restaurant), Vital Vittles (mini-market), and several coffee bars. The Leavey Center also has open lobbies for study as well as a full service attached Aramark Hotel. The Epicuriean Buffet restaurant located in the Darnell Building next to the GOCard office as well as a student cafeteria located in Leo O'Donovan Hall in the S.W. Quadrangle are eating facilities open to students and guests as well.

Yates Field House
A fully equipped recreational/exercise facility is located near the Observatory. Call (202) 687-2400 for information on fees and services.

Student Health Insurance
Graduate Liberal Studies students enrolled in nine or more credit hours are automatically charged the required health insurance fee on their tuition bill. Eligible students must accept or waive this insurance. Students enrolled in less than nine hours are not eligible for Health Insurance. For information, call (202) 687-4883.

Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle
G.U.T.S. is a bus transportation service offered by Georgetown University. For routes, schedules, and fares, call (202) 687-4364 or check the website at

To Access the MALS student handbook please visit the Academic Affairs site by clicking here.


2013 Graduation Ceremony

Please refer to the Academic Affairs & Compliance graduation section for the most current graduation information for the School of Continuing Studies as the date and time is determined.

Caps and gowns will be on sale at the Georgetown University Bookstore the week prior to Commencement, and will cost approximately $80. Diplomas and transcripts for July-December MALS graduates may be picked up from the Graduate Liberal Studies office, 225 Intercultural Center following the May Commencement. Announcement packets will be mailed to July-March graduates as soon as they are printed.  Announcements will be distributed to April-May 1 graduates upon submission of their theses for approval.

Grading System and GPA Requirements

A minimum GPA of 3.00 is required for graduation. Students will not be allowed to register for additional courses beyond the 27 required course credits in order to raise their GPA.

The Graduate Liberal Studies program does not allow students to audit classes; therefore students must be officially registered in order to attend class. Registered students will receive one of the following letter grades:

A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C 2.00
F 0.00
I Incomplete (Graduate notation)
W Withdrawal
S Satisfactory (A grade of B or better in a pass/fail course)
U Unsatisfactory (Any grade below a B in a pass/fail course)
Please note that while the grades of S and U are not included in the calculation of a student's GPA, a U is treated as an F for the purpose of reviewing academic performance leading to academic dismissal.


Academic Ineligibility

Master's Degree Candidates earning grades of two "C's" or lower are academically termination.  All grades, including "F's," are calculated in determining the cumulative GPA.  An "F"=0.  At the completion of 8 courses (24 credits attempted), a student must have at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA.  If the student's GPA is below a 3.0, he/she is dismissed from the program and further course registration or enrollment in the Thesis Proposal Workshop is canceled.

For more information on grades, grade changes, and grade appeals, please refer to the Graduate Liberal Studies Handbook

Posting of Grades

Faculty members post grades directly to MyAccess. Therefore students are able to access their grades before or as soon as the administrative office. Grades are not due until several weeks after the term ends. Students who need to know their grade sooner (for employee reimbursement, for example) should contact their professor directly.

Final Paper/Test Pick-Up

While some professors return papers in class or via email, many prefer to drop final papers off at the Graduate Liberal Studies office where they are stored for two semesters. Students may pick up their paper during office hours at Suite 225, ICC.


Master's degrees are posted in December, and May. MALS students follow the schedule and procedures for degree application and clearance provided by the Graduate Liberal Studies program in conjunction with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.


The MALS Core Faculty is comprised of a faculty member from each of the curricular fields, who will be available as an advisor to students needing guidance in a curricular field. Students are also encouraged to request academic guidance and counseling as needed from the Associate or Associate Dean of of the Graduate Liberal Studies program, the core faculty or other faculty members.

The Thesis Requirements

Thesis Proposal

Upon completing the course work or in the final semester of courses for their degree program, all candidates must register for the Thesis Proposal Workshop, LSHV 497 (0 credit, 0 tuition) . This 0-credit course taken in conjunction with a 3-credit course in the fall or spring terms constitutes half-time enrollment status. The Workshop consists of four two-hour class sessions during which each student is guided through the creation and approval of a thesis proposal.

Thesis Proposal Approval Form

Thesis Proposal Outline

Thesis Completion

After successfully completing the Thesis Proposal Workshop, students must register for the Thesis Writing course (3 credits),  LSHV 499. If the thesis is not completed in the semester in which the student is registered he/she must enroll in Continuous Registration, for one semester. Students have two semesters (not counting summer) to complete the thesis.

MALS Graduation Application Form

MALS Thesis Approval Form

Electronic Thesis Release Form

For detailed information on thesis writing and requirements, please download the Graduate Liberal Studies Thesis Writing Guide


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