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XCOM-015 Career Development: Creating Your Professional Strategy

XCOM-015 Career Development: Creating Your Professional Strategy

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Course Details

This workshop is designed to create alignment between participants’ values and beliefs, their professional goals, and their job portfolio - resume/cv, cover letter, interview presence, social media presence.Self-reflection and assessment activities are used to construct a career action plan that can be put to use immediately in a focused successful job search.  Limited to a maximum of twenty-four participants, this workshop will provide the benefit of individualized guidance and feedback from the instructor and facilitated discussion in small peer group sessions.

Course Objectives

  • Examine personal beliefs, values, and ethics as determinants of professional and life success
  • Develop a reflective approach to defining personal and professional aspirations
  • Analyze the job market and the impact of political, economic, social, and technological factors
  • Create alignment between your authentic self, your professional goals, and your job portfolio.
  • Construct a career action plan leveraging personal strengths and future vision.


XCOM-015 - 01 Career Development: Creating Your Professional Strategy    
2017 - Summer 2017 Non-Credit   Status:  Available
Class:   Sat 9:00AM - 4:00PM
15 Jul 2017 to 22 Jul 2017
Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions
Contact Hours: 14.0
Course Tuition:
Tuition non-credit    595.00
Potential Discount(s):
Fed. Government Employee Discount
Location:   Main Campus
Building:   640 Mass Ave
Instructors: Anne Steen

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