Master of Professional Studies Degree

Prepare to Be an HR Leader

Organizations are issuing new challenges to human resources management practitioners:

To get a seat at the executive table, be ready to create sustainable business value – not just for employees but also for customers and investors – and know how to collaborate with top executives and line managers to create innovative and more adaptable business processes and strategies.

Are you a current HR professional or someone who seeks a more meaningful career in human resources management?

Do you want to be an executive-level strategic decision-maker?

Then the Master of Professional Studies program is for you. Gain the specialized critical thinking and analytical skills you need to deliver meaningful business results.

The program, built on a foundation of sound ethical business practices, will help you succeed in the new global economy. Become an essential business partner to your organization. Get invited to executive-level meetings – time and time again – with the development of innovative, analytical and people-driven skills.

 “It’s a strong program with world-class faculty. But be prepared to work.”

- Mark Venner (’12)



Who Should Apply?

The Master of Professional Studies program is designed for:

  • Current human resources management professionals who want to continue to grow as strategic executive leaders in their businesses and organizations.
  • Recent college graduates who want to embark on a career as a strategic human resources management business partner.
  • Other professionals, with related people-management experience, who want to become HR change agents.

Your Education and Career Benefits

  • Choose your course of study from one of three concentrations that are transforming the power of human resources management to change business outcomes: Strategic Human Capital Management, Diversity and Inclusion Management and International Human Resources Management.
  • Gain a career advantage by gaining skills and knowledge in the areas most demanded by businesses:  HR analytics, critical thinking, measuring and creating return on investment for programs and strategic approaches to managing human capital.
  • Proven success: The program emphasizes case studies, field work, internships and immersion programs – all providing you with meaningful accomplishments to add to your professional resume and skills to take with you to your next job as an International HR Director, Director of Diversity, HR Business Partner or HR Manager.
  • Get practical business experience: The Master’s program culminates in a capstone course, giving students the opportunity to conduct significant research, write on a sophisticated HR topic of their choosing, and develop and test original ideas and strategies in dynamic workplace settings.

Requirements for Completion

Courses are offered during the evenings, providing students with a flexible part-time option to complete their degrees. Students typically take two courses per semester and can finish in two years, but students have up to five years to complete the program at a pace that is most comfortable for them.

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Human Resources consists of 33 credits (10 courses). A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 (solid "B") is required for good standing and to be eligible for graduation. In addition to the Ethics and Capstone courses, which are required for all MPS degrees, each concentration offered within the Human Resources program requires specific courses as described below. 

Core and Major Requirements (18 Credits)
MPHR 502: Research Process and Methodology (Major Course, 3 credits)
MPHR 696: Foundations of HR (Major Course, 3 credits)
MPHR 700: Workplace Ethics (Core Course, 3 credits)
MPHR 725: Human Capital Analytics (Major Course, 3 credits)
MPHR 802: Strategic Thinking in HR (Major Course, 3 credits)
MPHR 809: MPS HR Capstone (Core Course, 3 credits)

Registration Notes:  MPHR 502, MPHR 696, MPHR 700 should be taken in the first semester of study. MPHR 703 and MPHR 802 should be taken in the second semester. With permission from the Associate Dean, advanced professionals may request a waiver from MPHR 696. MPHR 809 is completed during the final semester and requires a minimum grade of “B” (3.00) or better for students to be eligible for graduation.

The remaining 15 credits are to be taken within the following concentrations:

Diversity and Inclusion Management
MPHR 699: Theories of Diversity and Inclusion (3 credits)
MPHR 707: Creating and Sustaining a Climate of Inclusion (3 credits)
MPHR 708: Analyzing and Addressing Institutional Discrimination (3 credits)
MPHR 803: Strategic Diagnosis and Planning in Diversity and Inclusion (3 credits)
MPHR 810: Diversity and Inclusion in International Context (3 credits)

International Human Resources Management
MPHR 704: Global Compensation and Benefits (3 credits)
MPHR 705: Multinational Business Policy and Geopolitics (3 credits)
MPHR 800: Global Labor and Employment Law (3 credits)
MPHR 810: Diversity and Inclusion in International Context (3 credits)
MPHR 813: Global Implications of HR (3 credits)

Strategic Human Capital Management
MPHR 707: Creating and Sustaining a Climate of Inclusion (3 credits)
MPHR 801: Managing Complex Systems Change (3 credits)
MPHR 805: Consulting Skills in Human Capital (3 credits)
MPHR 811: Talent Management and Career Management (3 credits)
MPHR 817: HR in International Context (3 credits)


Competency Modeling in HR
Creating and Maintaining High-Performance Organizations
Human Capital Analytics
Research Process and Methodology
The Role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions
Strategic Human Capital Development

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