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Opening New Doors of Opportunity

Harkamal Singh, a 2010 graduate of the Master's program in Human Resources Management, is one of many students able to begin a new career in HR thanks to the skills and relationships developed at Georgetown University.

"The program has helped me establish a strong educational foundation and build a strong network of peers from which many opportunities have and continue to present themselves," said Singh, 31.

After entering the program, Singh applied and was accepted for a work-study program within the U.S. Department of State. Once he graduated, he was placed in a full-time career as a Human Resources Specialist at the State Department.

Our program provides many career placement advantages for students, including:

  • Career placement resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Work-study programs
  • Internships


Take Off with Proven HR and Business Achievements

"My progression in the program really served to develop me as a professional through in-depth analysis of theoretical case studies in conjunction with hands-on HR experiences," said Singh.

Students such as Singh benefit from a program dedicated to developing business skills and vision – as well as HR skills – all necessary for effectively implementing policies and practices for a range of organizational structures in a rapidly changing marketplace.

"Each class provided unique but practical learning moments," said Singh, who graduated with a concentration in Strategic Human Capital Management. In addition to understanding HR, Singh said the program also helped him to:

  • Develop new methods of planning and executing on strategies.
  • Utilize out-of-the-box approaches for developing and getting buy-in for new ideas.
  • Give impactful group presentations.
  • Design strategies to help win business from the competition.
  • Generate valuable feedback channels for continuous improvement.

"The program opened many new doors for me. At Georgetown, you will be trained by a world-class faculty on cutting-edge topics within a rapidly changing field. The opportunities are endless and they will all prepare you to positively impact an organization's HR team, as well as the organization itself."



Career Placement Resources

Georgetown University is committed to providing students with the resources they need to be successful in their careers, including help with job searches, skills needed to advance in the profession, strategies for switching to a new industry and building networks of professional contacts.

Georgetown's Career Access Network
GCAN is an exclusive online career management system for our students and alumni, providing access to industry contacts generated by our faculty, staff and alumni. The resource also provides resume and interview tools, professional development workshops and links to other Georgetown career resources.

Georgetown's Career Education Center
The Georgetown University Career Education Center teaches students and alumni how to identify career opportunities that suit their individual strengths and interests and equips them with resources for lifelong career management as confident, self-reliant professionals.

Alumni Career Services
Alumni Career Services provides lifelong career development and networking opportunities for our students and alumni.

DC Society of Young Professionals
A group that provides opportunities to mingle and network with your professional peers in the nation’s capital.


Pathways to Success

Over the years, many students have been placed into exciting human resources management positions. Some recent examples:

Autumn Harlow ('12)
Talent Specialist

Rachelle Falls ('11)
HR Talent Manager

Merim Isaeva ('11)
Global Mobility Services HR
Goldman Sachs

Mariela Mercado ('11)
Recruiting Associate
American Institutes for Research

Megann Sacco ('11)
Human Resources Generalist
Argon ST Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company

Joseph David ('10)
Global Program Director
Allegis Group Services Inc.

Chelsea Lewis ('10)
Human Resources Development Program

Harkamal Singh ('10)
Human Resources Specialist
Department of State

Kelly Warner ('10)
Talent Specialist


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