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Opening New Doors of Opportunity

Harkamal Singh, a 2010 graduate of the Master's program in Human Resources Management, is one of many students able to begin a new career in HR thanks to the skills and relationships developed at Georgetown University.

"The program has helped me establish a strong educational foundation and build a strong network of peers from which many opportunities have and continue to present themselves," said Singh, 31.

After entering the program, Singh applied and was accepted for a work-study program within the U.S. Department of State. Once he graduated, he was placed in a full-time career as a Human Resources Specialist at the State Department.

Our program provides many career placement advantages for students, including:

  • Professional development resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Internships

Take Off with Proven HR and Business Achievements

"My progression in the program really served to develop me as a professional through in-depth analysis of theoretical case studies in conjunction with hands-on HR experiences," said Singh.

Students such as Singh benefit from a program dedicated to developing business skills and vision – as well as HR skills – all necessary for effectively implementing policies and practices for a range of organizational structures in a rapidly changing marketplace.

"Each class provided unique but practical learning moments," said Singh, who graduated with a concentration in Strategic Human Capital Management. In addition to understanding HR, Singh said the program also helped him to:

  • Develop new methods of planning and executing on strategies.
  • Utilize out-of-the-box approaches for developing and getting buy-in for new ideas.
  • Give impactful group presentations.
  • Design strategies to help win business from the competition.
  • Generate valuable feedback channels for continuous improvement.

"The program opened many new doors for me. At Georgetown, you will be trained by a world-class faculty on cutting-edge topics within a rapidly changing field. The opportunities are endless and they will all prepare you to positively impact an organization's HR team, as well as the organization itself."

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