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Kate Skidmore: The HR Competitive Edge

As the Director of Human Resources Management for the National Football League Players Association, Kate Skidmore knows a thing or two about staying current and competitive in the ever-changing HR field.

"The Georgetown program made me a more attractive job candidate, enabling me to land a position with the NFLPA," said Skidmore, a 2011 Master's program graduate. "My education opened doors that I could not have opened on my own."

Skidmore said her coursework has prepared her for the many challenges she now faces at the NFLPA, the high-profile organization that helps protect players' rights, oversees collective bargaining agreement terms and represents NFL players in matters concerning wages, hours and working conditions.
"When I graduated, I left with a better understanding of myself and a new perspective on the privileged and powerful role that HR plays in business," she said. “And I left with many new professional connections."

Another program benefit, according to Skidmore, is Georgetown’s passionate and experienced faculty, all providing her with a view of the HR profession as an essential driver of organizational goals and a practice that can make a significant difference to improve workplaces and lives.

These are skills and passions she now finds extremely helpful in her challenging role.

"When I was selecting an HR Master's program, I thought it was important to look for professors with real HR experiences. Case studies are helpful, but it is the anecdotes and experiences shared by the professors at Georgetown that really made the difference in my career."


Chandni Patel: Driven by a Passion for Diversity

Driven by a lifelong passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Chandni Patel (2012) decided it was time to make a career move. Only one problem: she didn’t have all the skills and knowledge necessary to embark on her professional dream.

That has changed, now that Patel has chosen to get a Master’s in Human Resources Management from Georgetown University, with a concentration in Diversity and Inclusion Management. Patel is now a training specialist in the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

"Through the program, I now have the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully pursue my career goals," she said. "My understanding of the HR function has expanded tremendously. Moving beyond just learning the basics of the field, I have developed an understanding of the strategic potential of human resources management and the many ways HR can add value to an organization."

The program does an exceptional job of connecting the theoretical with real business scenarios, according to Patel. In addition to world-class instruction, she’s also found tremendous value in the network of peers and mentor relationships she has developed at Georgetown.

"The students themselves are very diverse – culturally, in lifestyle and across career paths. It's a remarkable learning environment."


Chelsea Robin Lewis: A Global HR Future

For Chelsea Robin Lewis (’10), the future of business is international, which is why she picked Georgetown University for her graduate studies in human resources management. The result: she now works in Chevron’s Human Resources Development Program, a position that provides her with rotational work opportunities throughout the company’s global footprint.

"My dream was to work internationally in a major corporation," Lewis said. "Through my international, business-based curriculum at Georgetown, I was able to fully explore the multinational HR landscape and better prepare myself for the realities of working and living in another culture and environment."

Her best advice for students seeking a graduate education in human resources management is to look for a program that teaches how to work in a collaborative business environment – not just an HR environment.

"In order to be a successful HR professional and gain that 'seat at the table,' you have to know the business and its needs. This program prepares HR professionals who are passionate about being active members of leadership teams in complex, multi-national organizations."


Miriam Medhanie: Learning While Working

For most people, balancing work and life is hard enough. Add a graduate program to the mix and things get even more interesting. But there are also advantages, said Miriam Medhanie ('12), who works as a full-time recruiter for Chenega Corporations.

"Balancing work and school is definitely challenging," said Medhanie. It's definitely cut into my social life, but the program has been very supportive. It's challenging, but also doable."

Most classes are at night and the professors are willing to meet after class, during the week and over e-mail to help out with projects and studies, she noted.  While it is a constant juggling act to meet both work and school deadlines, there are also advantages.

"It's a huge advantage to be able to go to class with an idea or issue and get instant feedback from professors and peers who also work in the HR profession. That's definitely a perk for me."

Longer-term, Medhanie said the program encourages you to grow as a professional.

"My graduate work has pushed me to be a more strategic thinker and to better understand how HR issues impact the bigger business picture. If you want to be an HR professional whose opinions are deemed valuable, then this is the program for you."


New Student Immersion LABS

Students accepted into the Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management program are given the GU Advantage.

Upon arrival, students are assigned to small sections. In these sections, students will become immersed in the culture of Georgetown University and School of Continuing Studies.

Section-mates will share classroom facilities, case studies and their own dedicated team of faculty. Section faculty will teach and manage the learning environment.

This is an exciting opportunity for new students to get acclimated to the Master’s program and exercise their team-building, networking, management and leadership skills.


Graduate Life at Georgetown

Our program, located in and around the nation’s capital, provides a rich environment for professional development, educational enrichment and personal enjoyment.

Of course, important to any graduate student seeking a degree in human resources management is a university’s ability to embrace people and ideas from all over the world. Inspired by the Jesuit principles of equality and respect for all, Georgetown University offers a multicultural campus community, including:

  • A variety of multicultural opportunities, including clubs cultural events, arts and activities.
  • Athletic and entertainment events.
  • Campus ministries.
  • Restaurants and dining services.
  • Transportation services.
  • Much more.

We encourage all students to become engaged members of the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies community – to play active roles in shaping their experiences as well as their education goals.


"The networks I've established with fellow classmates, faculty and the university will be lifelong resources for seeking guidance on HR challenges and brainstorming ideas to improve the workplace,"

- Chandni Patel ('12)


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