Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering Management

A Systems Toolset for the Next Generation of Leaders

Every day, business leaders make critical decisions on managing their organizations without truly understanding the second- and third-order effects of those decisions. At the same time, accomplished engineers produce ideas on changing the world through technology, but aren’t able to navigate barriers to their implementation from business leaders and government.

In a world of increasing speed of change and technology evolution, the challenges facing today’s international society are increasingly complicated—and so are the solutions required to meet them. While creating such systemic solutions requires expertise in traditional business, management, and engineering practices, effective leadership must adopt cross-discipline approaches to support true collaboration and minimize the tendency toward reductionist rather than holistic solutions.

Successful leaders must understand and manipulate the inter-relationships between engineering, business, and policy considerations in order to achieve solutions that will meet technical and financial requirements while adhering to governance and policy constraints.

What is Systems Engineering Management?

Systems engineering management incorporates the leadership skills and concepts from engineering, business, and governance to develop and manage real solutions to complicated, evolving problems. The individuals that work in this field are systems thinkers who view problems and solutions through a holistic lens, striving to create a systems solution that incorporates evolution and adaptation as a key attribute, rather than struggling simply to interface individually engineered components. Each phase of the solution life cycle is approached with the ultimate goal of balancing the risks, needs, and desires of the stakeholder community and producing a successful, sustainable system.

About the Program

The program is designed for both technical and non-technical students, offering an educational experience that prepares successful leaders for the real world of emerging problems, evolving technologies, and growing complexity in the global community.

Program Features:

  • Emphasizes developing and applying big-picture thinking to manage critical challenges around the world
  • Concentrates less on technical and mathematical components than a typical engineering degree, while providing fundamental systems engineering skills
  • Benefits students from various backgrounds—including consulting, healthcare, government, and finance—not just engineers
  • Provides unique opportunities to participate in and contribute to cutting-edge research and industry innovation

Critical Skills for a Changing World

Georgetown’s program immerses students at the intersection of policy, business strategy and leadership, and engineering, providing them with the critical skills they need to address the global challenges of today and pioneer the solutions of tomorrow.

Students will not only strengthen their existing skill sets, but also develop new competencies that were previously outside of their scope of knowledge. They will leave the program with a practical toolset that that can be adapted to various industries and applications, allowing them to work seamlessly across areas of expertise and placing them in high demand in a growing marketplace.

Who Should Apply?

The Systems Engineering Management program is equally useful for students with technical backgrounds and those with non-technical backgrounds.

  • Technical: Engineers and professionals in technical fields who want to move into management roles while expanding their systems thinking capabilities.
  • Non-Technical: Professionals in non-technical roles (e.g., analysts, advisors, consultants, project managers) who work in areas such as business, policy, government, and finance, and want to develop strategic systems thinking abilities that will allow them to work on technical teams with engineers and other specialists.

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