Center for Continuing and Professional Education

Center for Continuing and Professional Education

The Center for Continuing and Professional Education has been an integral division of the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies for more than fifteen years. Dedicated to noncredit professional education, we help professionals advance, change, or refocus careers, and support organizations with custom education solutions. Our portfolio of professional certificate programs in management, marketing, business, and leadership are impactful, highly applied, and grounded in industry standards. More importantly, our programs are designed to help professionals gain a specific and targeted skill set to advance professionally while continuing to work. Our faculty consist of both accomplished academics and experienced practitioners, all of whom have extensive industry experience. 

Our Mission Statement

The Center for Continuing and Professional Education offers highly applied and engaging, context-based non-credit professional education within the traditions and Jesuit values of the School of Continuing Studies and Georgetown University.

To meet the demands of a changing professional and educational landscape, CCPE staff and faculty design and manage impactful and innovative programs for students and organizations at each stage of development.

We are committed to continuous improvement while providing high quality student services, maintaining a collaborative work environment, contributing to the sustained growth of the university, and upholding Georgetown’s high academic standards.

Our Students

Our student body consists of working professionals seeking to advance or change careers. Many of our students already have advanced degrees and seek a targeted and flexible means to continue their career growth. While there is no typical student profile across our programs, our students share several characteristics: they are ambitious, experienced, and determined to make an impact. Our students bring their wealth of experience into the classroom and enrich the learning environment. Many go on to make significant contributions in business, government, law, health care, and finance.

Professional Certificate Programs

According to a study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, professional certificates have become increasingly more popular and valuable. Certificates currently make up 22% of postsecondary credentials compared to just 6% in 1980.

Moreover, a recent study conducted by UCLA Extension and Impulse Research Corp shows that hiring managers have become increasingly comfortable with applicants seeking to start, switch, or advance their careers through completion of certificate programs. According to the study, 82% of human resources managers and recruiters said obtaining a certificate is one of the best ways for professionals to keep current or upgrade their job market skills, and 89% said obtaining a certificate is a helpful step in changing careers. Additionally, 75% of HR managers stated that if a job candidate cannot find work in a related field, they would consider a certificate program a good alternative for gaining related work experience.

Finally, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently conducted a study on professional certifications and found that across industries, the positions most likely to require specific certificates/credentials are:

  • Salaried individual contributors/professionals (65%)
  • Skilled labor (47%)
  • Management (46%)

For more information about SHRM's research, see the presentation below.

Changing Employee Skills and Education Requirements: Post-secondary Certificates/Credentials and Demographics

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