OPM Federal Scholarship Alliance

Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies (SCS) has joined with the United States federal government to provide scholarships to eligible federal employees across the country.

Program participants will be eligible for a 10% scholarship applied to the current tuition rate for all SCS degree programs and professional certificate programs each academic semester. The discount applies for all Master of Professional Studies and Executive Master of Professional Studies programs; the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, and Doctor of Liberal Studies program; and non-credit professional certificates.

Eligible Programs

Below is a list of degree and certificate programs available for the OPM federal employee scholarship:

Liberal Studies Degrees

Executive Master of Professional Studies Degrees

Master of Professional Studies Degrees

Professional Certificate Programs

For a comprehensive list of certificate programs, click here.


  1. How do I receive the tuition discount?

    If Applying to a Degree Program

    • Follow these instructions to apply to your program of interest.
    • Upon admission to your program of interest, please submit a Federal Leave and Earnings Statement certifying your employment. This statement is due within two weeks of registration for classes each term and must be attached in an email to
    • A new statement must be submitted for each semester enrolled in the credit program.

    If Enrolling in/Applying to a Certificate Program 

    • Visit the CCPE Payment & Funding Resources page.
    • Upload your Federal Leave and Earning Statement (LES) for verification of employment status.
    • A representative from the enrollment team will contact you with further instructions.

    Civil servants employed by the federal government at the start of the semester qualify for a 10% tuition discount for that semester. Civil servants will remain eligible to receive the discount for the duration of their academic program as long as they remain employed by the federal government.

  2. Where do I get information about financial aid?

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) financial aid code for Georgetown University is 001445.

    For additional ways to finance your education, visit

  3. Are dependents or family members eligible for benefits under this agreement?

    Dependents and family members do not qualify for tuition benefits under this agreement.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the OPM Federal Scholarship Alliance, please email