Georgetown SCS Certificate in Legal English


Our courses incorporate materials that are law-specific, including samples of judicial opinions and articles from legal journals and newsletters. As a student in the Legal English Pre-LLM Program, you will take the following courses:

  • Legal Writing and Reading Analysis (10 hours/week): This course introduces you to legal concepts, vocabulary, texts, and writing
  • Advocacy and Communication Skills (8 hours/week): This course will help you develop the oral skills needed to actively discuss legal issues

Program coursework also includes experiential learning events that capitalize on the Washington, D.C., location, including:

  • Opportunities to interact with U.S. lawyers
  • Visits to the Supreme Court and U.S. Capitol congressional sessions
  • Trips to other D.C. professional centers, such as the World Bank

Together, the coursework and experiential learning events give you tools for successfully using legal English for academic and professional purposes.