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Average Salary ofAgents and Managersfor Athletes$ 89,590Average Salary ofCoaches and Scoutsof Athletes$ 78,250Average Salary of Advertising &Promotions Managers workingin the Spectator Sports Industry$ 108,060In a Recent Report, Deloitte Predicted the Following Top Three Sports Trends for 2017:As consumers shift from cable to digital media, expect an evolution of sports media. Data and analytics will increasingly shape the business side of the sports industry. Teams will look to innovate game day by optimizing the fan experience beyond the stadium walls.123 Sports Marketing ManagerMarketing ManagerSport Information DirectorHuman Resources ManagerDirector of MarketingDirector of Human ResourcesDirector of SalesEvent ManagerSport Information ManagerSales ManagerTop Job Titles Within Sports Management Occupation
Master’s Degree Conferrals in Sport and Fitness Administration/Management5002006–072007082008–092009102010112011122012132013142014151,0001,5002,0002,5003,0003,5004,0001,3491,6852,1182,6263,0133,0553,4823,6551,497171% Growth in Master’s Degree Conferrals Over 8 Years