Georgetown and ASU Continue Partnership for Higher Ed Leadership Academy

The challenges facing higher education now and in the future are immense. In a shifting landscape shaped by globalization and technology, colleges and universities are confronted with questions about their cost, value, quality, and relevance, and under pressure to think differently about the traditional campus experience. At the same time, a generation of college and university leaders is expected to retire in the coming decade, leaving a void at the top levels during a critical time for higher education.

The Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership, a partnership between Arizona State University and Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, is the premier training ground for those who aspire to face these challenges as senior leaders in higher education.

“The program prepares senior university leaders to lead their institutions with purpose, focus, and inclusiveness at a time of significant change in higher education,” says Edwin Schmierer, Georgetown University’s associate dean of the Center for Continuing & Professional Development. “The partnership is exciting and unique because it combines Arizona State University's reputation for innovation in higher education with Georgetown University's reputation for leadership development.”;

Rather than emphasize the tactical day-to-day aspects of leading today's institutions, the Academy is centered exclusively on innovative ideas across a range of challenges facing higher education, both now and in the near future. The four-module program covers the following subject matter areas in an executive-styled education schedule:

  • Change Leadership
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Addressing External Challenges

Through a combination of online seminars, executive coaching sessions, and intensive face-to-face meetings in Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, students will learn the critical thinking, analysis, and design skills needed to solve the complex issues facing higher education. The principles of design are embedded into the program, allowing students to participate in exercises that help develop the next-generation governance structures, credentials, and financial models.

Unique among other programs, the Academy focuses on bringing ideas to practice, linking theory to relevant applications, and scaling innovations in teaching and learning, leadership, finance, and technology that can transform higher education institutions today and in the future.

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