How to Visit the SCS Building

Updated as of April 2023

Starting May 11, Georgetown will strongly encourage, but no longer require, students, faculty, or staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Please review Georgetown's new public health protocols in this recent announcement. The following protocols are current as of April 2023, we will continue to follow the guidance of Georgetown’s public health team as needed.

For the latest updates, please bookmark the Georgetown University’s COVID-19 microsite. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact directly.

We appreciate your efforts to keep our community safe.

Guidance for SCS Students, Faculty, and Staff

COVID-19 Vaccination

Starting May 11, Georgetown will strongly encourage, but no longer require, students, faculty or staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

We strongly recommend that all community members stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and receive the latest booster or any new dose that becomes available and recommended by the CDC moving forward.

Visitor Protocols

Starting May 11, visitors will not be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. All visitor protocols will revert back to pre-pandemic status, including in University libraries, recreational facilities, residential buildings, and for events.

COVID-19 Testing

Free antigen and PCR testing for COVID-19 will continue to be available to all community members as needed. Wastewater testing will continue to be used to monitor COVID-19 transmission on our campuses.

    How to Register for Shield T3 Testing
  1. Go to the COVID-19 Testing Portal (which you can also access via the GU360 mobile app) and log in using your Georgetown NetID and password, using Duo two-factor identification.
  2. Enter your date of birth to confirm your identity, and sign the consent form to allow your test results to be shared with Georgetown’s Public Health team.
  3. After registering, you can click the “Profile” tab in the dropdown menu to update your address and mobile phone number as needed. You will be required to provide this contact information before you register your first test kit. On the “Profile” page, you will also have the option to disable and enable receiving text message alerts regarding your test results.
  4. You can review the Shield T3 testing registration process on the COVID-19 testing protocol page.


Masking is optional in University-owned and operated buildings. As of April 11, masks are now optional on University-sponsored public transportation (e.g., GUTS), as well as in University health facilities (e.g., Student Health Center) unless otherwise instructed by a clinician. Free high-quality masks continue to be available at entrances to most campus buildings. Everyone has the right to wear a mask whenever and wherever they wish on our campuses.

Though the public health emergency is ending, and we are updating our protocols accordingly, COVID-19 remains circulating in the population. Please continue to take measures to protect yourself and others against COVID-19, especially those who may be at higher risk for complications. You can do that by staying home, testing, and wearing a mask if you have symptoms.

Protect Others: Stay Home if You Are Exhibiting Symptoms

Thank you for your continued efforts to protect the health and safety of the Georgetown community.

Updated as of April 2023