How to Visit the SCS Building

Updated as of December 2022

According to a Georgetown University requirement, all students, faculty, and staff must establish that they are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, including having received a COVID-19 booster shot, if eligible. The following protocols are current as of December 2022; however, they are subject to change depending on guidance from Georgetown University’s Office of Public Health.

For the latest updates, please review the SCS-specific announcement and bookmark Georgetown University’s COVID-19 microsite. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact directly.

We appreciate your efforts to keep our community safe.

Guidance for SCS Students, Faculty, and Staff

1. Submit Proof of Your Prior Vaccination or Apply for an Exemption

Please review the instructions for uploading your documentation through the GU360 Mobile app or GU360 website. If you will not be fully vaccinated by the time you arrive on campus, contact to coordinate your vaccination plan and request a deadline extension.

Exemption forms:

2. Georgetown University Testing Protocol

  • All students need to take a COVID-19 test either within 48 hours before or within 24 hours after first arriving on campus. Please refer to the SCS announcement for specific guidance for residential and non-residential students.
  • The University has partnered with Shield T3 Health, a higher education COVID-19 testing service provider, to provide this new easy-to-use and quick-turnaround testing model to support our ongoing public health efforts. Please refer to the New COVID-19 Testing Process site for more details.
    • The SCS Shield T3 Health vending machine is located on level one near the restrooms.
  • How to Register for Shield T3 Testing
    1. Go to the COVID-19 Testing Portal (which you can also access via the GU360 mobile app) and log in using your Georgetown NetID and password, using Duo two-factor identification.
    2. Enter your date of birth to confirm your identity, and sign the consent form to allow your test results to be shared with Georgetown’s Public Health team.
    3. After registering, you can click the “Profile” tab in the dropdown menu to update your address and mobile phone number as needed. You will be required to provide this contact information before you register your first test kit. On the “Profile” page, you will also have the option to disable and enable receiving text message alerts regarding your test results.
    4. You can review the Shield T3 testing registration process on the COVID-19 testing protocol page.
  • How to Order, Take and Submit Your Test

    You can order and retrieve your test from the vending machines at any time the building is open. Samples are collected from the drop box at 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Do not take or submit a test between 5 p.m. on Friday and 5 p.m. on Saturday because your sample will not be collected in time for it to be processed accurately by the lab.

    To order, take and submit your test, proceed to a COVID-19 test vending machine and:

    1. Use your smartphone to scan the “Step 1: Portal Login” QR code on the vending machine, log in to the testing portal, and click “Get a Shield T3 COVID-19 Test.”
    2. Using your smartphone, scan the “Step 2: Dispense Test” QR code on the vending machine screen. Collect your test kit, which will be dispensed at the bottom of the machine.
      Note: Check for your kit even if you don’t hear it being dispensed because the machine is quiet.
    3. Find a private space away from other people, and take the test using the instructions included in the kit.
      • Register your test kit in the testing portal by clicking “COVID Test Self Collect Activation” and entering the specimen number and kit number on your vial. You will be asked to provide/confirm your address and mobile phone number at this time if you have not done so yet.
      • Collect your test sample.
      • Wipe the vial with the alcohol wipe provided.
      • Place the absorbent material and test vial into the small biohazard bag and seal it tightly.
    4. Drop the biohazard bag in the drop box next to the vending machine.
    5. Please recycle the plastic testing funnel and dispose of the other materials.

3. Give Consent To Share Your COVID-19 Test Results with Georgetown

  • Give your consent to share COVID-19 test results with Georgetown by completing the consent form. Please enter 202-687-0100 for the third party telephone number on the consent form.

Georgetown will continue to comply with all applicable privacy, confidentiality and public health laws related to collection and maintenance of testing and other health-related records.


Masks are optional in classrooms at the School of Continuing Studies campus at 640 Massachusetts Avenue NW.

However, masks are required in the following settings:

  • Individuals must wear a mask while on university-sponsored public transportation (e.g., GUTS buses, shuttles, vans).
  • Individuals must wear a mask in University health care facilities (e.g., Student Health Center and CAPS testing sites).
  • Individuals in, or recently released from, quarantine or isolation must wear a mask for the full 10 days from the date of exposure or infection, consistent with DC Health guidance and CDC guidance.
  • Individuals with exemptions or accommodation plans that include enhanced public health measures should continue to abide by those measures, as currently in place.

When in a location where a mask is required, we recommend wearing a properly-fitted, high-quality mask (e.g., N95, KN95, KF94). Individuals cannot wear a cloth mask, or a mask with a vent or valve, because these masks do not sufficiently reduce the transmission of the virus from exhaled droplets and aerosol particles that might contain the virus.

Main Campus Protocol: As of September 28, 2022, wearing a mask will be optional in indoor instructional settings on the Main and Medical Center campuses, such as classrooms and teaching laboratories, in addition to other locations where they are already optional.

Everyone has the right to wear a mask whenever and wherever they wish on our campuses, and anyone may request – but not require – that those around them or interacting with them wear a mask.

Guidance for Visitors

What To Do If You Are Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms or Have Been Exposed

Please refer to Georgetown University’s COVID-19 microsite for the latest updates and safety protocols. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact directly.

Thank you for keeping our community safe.

Updated as of December 2022