In Focus | Embracing Workplace Religious Diversity

Organizations can improve job satisfaction and performance “by creating a culture in which employees don’t feel the need to assimilate or hide components of their identity,” says Dr. Ed Hasan, CEO of Kaizen Human Capital. But while they have rightly focused on issues like gender and racial diversity, organizations have tended to avoid religion, says Hasan, Ph.D., an instructor in the Master’s in Human Resources Management program at Georgetown University. “And that’s unfortunate, because, in my research, I found that in many cases religion isn’t just an important aspect of one’s identity, it is the most important.” In his book, “Embracing Workplace Religious Diversity and Inclusion,” Hasan urges organizational leaders to be curious about other cultures, value collaboration, and have the courage to “advocate for others as they would for themselves.” Here, he talks with Lauren Fretz, program director of Business & Management Programs at Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies.

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