Course Schedule for Summer 2017




Review and integrate the knowledge you gain throughout the program into a challenging Capstone experience. Test critical thinking skills and ability to make plans to prepare for a large-scale disaster and respond to various disaster scenarios that span over multiple days. -Demonstrate your ability to apply emergency and disaster management knowledge in a professional environment. -Through the Capstone’s meta-scenario exercises, test your emergency management skills under fire. -Create project work that can be used to showcase your skills. Students will travel to Washington, DC for an onsite practicum from July 7 – July 12, 2014. A minimum grade of "B" (3.00) or better is required in this core course for graduation.

Note: Students are required to be present in Washington, DC for 9-hr days of onsite practicum work July 31 - Aug. 5, 2017. Additional 60 minutes per week of asynchronous instruction is required.

  • Course #: MPEM-900-40
  • CRN: 14280
  • Format: On-campus
  • Instructor: Kaufman, D.
  • Dates: May 22 – Aug 20, 2017
  • Class Meetings:
  • Syllabus: Download