Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management

Curriculum & Schedule

22 Jun 11:30am-1pm ET
SCS Open House Lunch  

Our classes are taught online in real-time by Georgetown instructors using Zoom video conferencing. They are designed to provide our professional learners with a high-quality, engaging educational experience. For more information, please contact Program Support at pdcprograms@georgetown.edu.

You must successfully complete a total of 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 24.0 contact hours. The course is delivered over a period of three consecutive days. The following is the list of topics that will be covered each day:

Day 1

During the first day, students will first learn common definitions of artificial intelligence (AI) and its main areas. Developers program or train AI systems to make decisions, and students will learn the main ingredients of complex decision-making. Students will then review some of the major AI technologies, such as graphical models and neural networks. With this introductory background, students will divide into groups and will identify an application of their choice and discuss pertinent AI technologies and design issues. They will present the outcomes of their discussions to the rest of the class. After briefly exploring how organizations build AI systems, the first day concludes with a survey of successful and unsuccessful commercial applications.

  1. AI Ecosystems
  2. Machine Learning for the Enterprise

Day 2

During the second day, students will learn about the five pillars of AI integration (Precisely measurable, reliable data pipeline, algorithms, infrastructure, and breaking down silos across the customer’s journey) and will be exposed to a real-world application with Afiniti. The students will be exposed to “off the shelves” technology solutions powered by artificial intelligence and developed by leading companies in the industry (Accenture and Hewlett Packard). Finally, the students will learn how artificial intelligence can be a powerful innovation enabler when it is combined with other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and blockchain technology. Experts from Amazon, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, and Georgetown University will discuss technology fusion use cases and the implication for business innovations.

  1. 5 Pillars of AI Integration
  2. AI and Business Solutions
  3. AI, IoTs, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain Technology

Day 3

During the last day, students will learn about laws and regulations that govern the development and application of artificial intelligence. The lesson will address legal frameworks in North America and Europe. Students will also be exposed to practical and contemporary ethical challenges related to the use of artificial intelligence in different industry sectors. An ethics expert from the University of Cambridge will provide students with foundational principles to address modern artificial intelligence moral dilemmas. Finally, students will learn how to develop an artificial business case and will be pitching their project ideas to classmates and receive guidance from a leading expert.

  1. AI Legal Frameworks
  2. AI and Ethics
  3. Developing an AI Business Case

Course Schedule

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