Kimberly Connelly

Formally trained as an architect, I saw that the greatest need for sustainable efforts was in the construction world.

Photo of Kimberly Connelly

While others were graduating, and moving into design careers I chose to stay in construction (25 years). Over the course of my career as a Director of Sustainable Construction, I motivated two companies to build programming around green building and corporate social responsibility. Even more than career accomplishments, I am most passionate about the time that I have given to others by way of education, leadership in various organizations, mentoring and being part of a larger green community. I spent much time and effort on committees that pushed the construction industry into a higher awareness of environmental issues. This can be seen in my work with the Association of General Contractors (AGC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Construction Materials Recovery Coalition-National Capital Region (CMRC-NCR). As part of CMRC, I worked on a team to develop the market and infrastructure for recovery, reuse and recycling of construction materials for the DC Metro area. The product was a searchable website portal for public use. In 2004, I was part of a group that tailored ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems- to the construction industry. The product was a toolkit and reference guide entitled “Constructing an Environmental Management System: Guidelines and Templates for Contractors”. In 2006, I was sought out to work with the Environmental Protection Agency on their IAQ Tool Kits for buildings. The tool developed with the I-BEAM tool that has been adapted and improved upon today. As a long-standing volunteer in the green building community, I have dedicated countless hours to furthering the sustainability mission in the green building and climate change resilience arena. I am the Division Director for Paladino and Company.