Lydia Charles

For nearly twenty years, Lydia Charles has worked on and with teams to incorporate cultural assets into localized economic development projects.

Photo of Lydia Charles

Garnering buy-in, attracting long-term human capital, and anchoring creative resilient communities. Ms. Charles's expertise in crafting practical solutions to address systemic obstacles has been utilized with clients as varied as the National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street Center, DC Deputy Mayor's Office for Planning and Economic Development, the Smithsonian Institution, HBO, Cultural Tourism DC, and the Southern University statewide system. She has been brought in to help think through, create, and foster programs that consider culturally-focused adaptation in (re)development plans despite market, population, and environmental threats and difficulties. She holds a B.A. in History from UC Berkeley, a M.A. in History from UNC Chapel Hill, a Certificate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education Teaching for Change program, and was a Doctoral Scholar in the Cultural Studies Department at George Mason University.