Shonna Waters

Dr. Shonna Waters has over 16 years of experience working with leaders as a consultant and coach to help individuals, teams, organizations, and systems recognize and grow into their full potential.

Photo of Shonna Waters

She has worked in applied research and organizational consulting across sectors and from both internal and external positions. She has broad expertise in a wide range of human capital topics and intervention. For example: • Coached leaders across organizational levels, sectors, and industries, such as IT, contracting, real estate, entrepreneurship/start-ups, and retail. • Designed, developed, and implemented human capital system components from pre-hire assessment to promotion and performance assessment. • Developed a wide range of custom assessments, including simulations, assessment centers, structured interviews, cognitive ability tests, knowledge tests, situational judgment tests, and personality tests. • Led and conducted job analyses, competency modeling studies, and validation studies (e.g., criterion-related, content). • Employed a diverse set of research methodologies (e.g., interviews, observations, focus groups, surveys, tests) and statistical procedures (factor analysis, cluster analysis, meta-analysis, multiple regression, content analysis) to generate innovative solutions to organizational challenges. She holds a PhD in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology and Statistics (University of Minnesota), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching (Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership). Dr. Waters has authored more than 50 technical reports and presented at over 25 professional conferences. Her work has been published in peer reviewed journals including Psychological Bulletin, Personnel Psychology, International Journal of Selection and Assessment, Behavioral Pharmacology, Human Performance, and I-O Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. She co-authored a book chapter on adaptive and citizenship-related Behaviors at work in the Handbook of Employee Selection, which is currently in press.