Tony Bennae Richard

Tony Bennae Richard is a disabled veteran who served the United States Navy for twenty-four years as a Hospital Corpsman, Naval Officer, and internal organization development consultant for Navy Medicine.

Photo of Tony Bennae Richard

During his last tour he also served as the Senior Trainer for Navy Medicines Facilitators Course at the Navy Medical Center for Organization Development. After retiring in 2005, Tony drew on his many years of international leadership experiences to create The Bennae Group, LLC, an organization and personal development consulting company. His clients include and are not limited to law enforcement agencies, non profits working in the areas of community activism, speciesism/environmental justice, the labor movement and numerous locals in all areas of the country, international work through US AID, and corporations willing improve their efficiency and effectiveness by addressing equity and inclusion. A solid practitioner, he has considerable experience in individual /team coaching and working with executive level teams and their organizational change and improvement efforts, and is dedicated to helping individuals, teams, organizations and communities to “see what’s possible” by shifting their human processes. He earned a M.Ed. and M.S. from Cheney University of Pennsylvania, and continues his learning through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, the Center for Human Development, Social Transformation Project with Robert Gass, Polarity Partnerships with Barry Johnson, the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Landmark Education, and Learning in Action Technologies. Tony can be reached at