W Parrott

Professor W. Gerrod Parrotts central interest is the nature of human emotion.

Photo of W Parrott

Professor W. Gerrod Parrott's central interest is the nature of human emotion. His published work has focused on three areas: emotion's social foundations and functions, including such social emotions as embarrassment, shame, guilt, envy and jealousy; the influence of emotion and emotional self-regulation on thought; and philosophical and historical approaches to the concept of emotion. In addition to numerous scholarly chapters and articles, he has published four books: The Positive Side of Negative Emotions (Guilford Press, 2014), Emotions and Culpability (with Norman Finkel, American Psychological Association, 2006), Emotions in Social Psychology (Psychology Press, 2001) and The Emotions: Social, Cultural, and Biological Dimensions (with Rom Harre', Sage, 1996). He served from 1995-1999 as Editor of the journal Cognition and Emotion, and from 2008-2013 as the President of the International Society for Research on Emotion. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Emotion Review.