Michael Ciszewski

Michael is Managing Partner and Founder of Campden Hill International, an organization development consulting practice working with teams to help them develop habits of reflective learning as a core capability for improving results and creating operational and strategic breakthroughs.

Photo of Michael Ciszewski

Michael began working on Wall Street where he was an investment banker for ten years before he found the opportunity to work with individuals and teams as an internal OD consultant. This led to senior roles at a couple of firms (J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch), three years based in London, and work in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Shortly after being much too close to the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, Michael left New York for Washington DC. Once there, he started his own OD practice. To beef up his credentials, he earned a Master’s Degree in Organization Development from AU|NTL. He is a member of NTL Institute and the OD Network in the US and Europe. He sits on the board of The Lewin Center for Social Change and Social Justice. In addition to Georgetown’s Diversity and Inclusion certificate program, Michael on the faculties of NTL’s OD certificate programs in the US and UK. He has three beautiful and intelligent children, a wife who says she loves him very much, and offices in Washington DC and London. You can reach him by email at mc2284@georgetown.edu.