Adrianne Goldsmith Romero

Adrianne is the chief speechwriter for FBI Director Christopher Wray and was the chief speechwriter for former directors James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Photo of Adrianne Goldsmith Romero

She has crafted hundreds of speeches, from policy speeches on national security, intelligence, and leadership, to eulogies for fallen law enforcement agents and memorial services, including the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the anniversaries of the Pan Am 103 bombing, and the September 11th attacks. She combines her expertise as an attorney, a journalist, and a creative writer to convey complex issues, such as encryption, espionage, and terrorism in ways that are clear, compelling, and impactful. She shapes communications strategies on political and social issues for diverse audiences, including concerned citizens, C-suite executives, cyber specialists, law enforcement and intelligence officials, thought leaders, public interest groups, and members of Congress. As an adjunct lecturer in the Applied Intelligence program, Adrianne teaches a communications course that focuses on a wide range of studies, from written, verbal, and presentation skills to strategic communication and crisis communication to group dynamics, conflict resolution, and negotiation.